standard Working At Home With A Successful Home Based Small Business


Working at home with a successful home based small business is growing in popularity with the advent of the internet and communication technology. It seems there is now a paradigm shift with as many people quitting there 9-5 jobs.

They are shifting to a home based small business gradually. A home based small business allows you to be your own boss. You can work inside the comfort of your home whenever you want. There are absolutely no rules and regulations to abide by unless you make them for yourself.

Because of the convenience involved, many people are creating a home based business as a supplement to their regular job. Older people who are retired from their jobs find a great channel to support themselves.

Many college goers are taking it up to fund their studies. A home based small business in recent times has done a great job in lowering unemployment. This is even more in the developed countries.

So, what is a home based small business?

A home based small business is a business done from the confine of home with small or no investment. For example, you can have your e-commerce website and earn a regular income. However, a home based business varies widely in terms of investment required.

Also, levels of technical knowledge and earning potential. This article is written to enlighten you with popular home based small business ideas that are most up-to-date. They require less capital and technical knowledge.

Believe it or not, the advent of the internet has ushered so many ways to earn income online from sitting at your home. It is easy to get overwhelmed and confused at the sheer numbers. This article, hopefully, will guide you in the right direction for working at home with a successful home based business.

What are the best home based small business ideas? There are many, indeed. Here is the selection of easier and lucrative ones.

Home based small business ideas

Selling on eBay

eBay is the largest market place for person to person trade. Every day more than one billion people visit the site. At any point of time eBay users trade more than $3000 in services and goods. The huge traffic and the credibility of eBay have ensured that anybody can buy or sell. This is possible without fear of being scammed.

To get started with selling on eBay you need access to a computer with internet connection, an eBay account and a method to collect money. Paypal is easiest and most secure way to make or receive payment in a home based business.

Two ways of selling

There are two major ways you can sell online with little or no investment for a home based small business. The first is known as drop shipping. What you do is to find a drop shipping (e.g. Alibaba) company and become a member.

Then you list their products on eBay without paying the cost. After you make a sale in this home based business, you send the payment and detail including address of your buyer to your drop shipper. The company will courier the product to the buyer on your behalf. Your profit is simply the difference between what your buyer pays you and what you pay to the drop shipper.

The second method is selling your own or others products directly for a home based small business. This method is different from drop shipping. You should have easy access to the product you want to sell. This is regardless whether you own it or not. If you don’t own the products, visit shops or places in you locality.

Take some photos of the items you want to sell. Then make a listing with those photos on eBay with your desired price. In this home based small business, once you make a sale and get your money, next go the shop, buy the item and mail it to your buyer. Once you start earning, you can subscribe to an online eBay store. They offer more promotional benefits and remove restrictions on sales.

Gig Sites

Gig sites like Fiverr, Gigbucks, Fourrer and Seoclerks have become a source of earning for millions of people all over the world in a home based small business. The beauty of these sites is that whatever the skill you many possess, you can use that skill to earn good income in a home based business.

Many people working in these sites are making thousands of dollars on line sitting at home. It requires no investment. You can start immediately by freely registering.

A small service or job is called a “gig”. You may be good at writing articles or making videos. Then you can offer that skill for the Gig price. Gigs are usually priced $5 to $50. On Fiverr, the gig price is $5. It provides you extra income by way of “Gig Extras”, which means you can offer more of your gig.

Pricing ideas

For example, if you are charging $5 for a video of two minutes, you can charge Gig extras if the buyers want the video length to be more than 2 minutes. Also, if the buyer wants it within 24 hours instead of your prescribed time for delivery.

Gigbucks is another popular site where gigs are sold between $5 and $50. They are subject to some conditions. This home based small business idea has become very lucrative for many people.

It is noteworthy that Gig sites are very competitive. Thus, you have got to approach it seriously for a successful home based business. The best way to make money with the gig sites is to sell a service that is unique and can be done in fewer minutes.

Top sellers in gig sites are the ones who have unique gigs. They provide quality service and are totally committed to customer satisfaction. This goal has created a successful home based business for many driven by customer satisfaction. Always try to sell something thinking ‘out of the box’.


Freelancing sites are just like gig sites. A freelancing job is a home based small business idea most concerned with writing and involves higher pay than gig sites. Freelancing jobs among others includes writing books, articles and e-books. Also, sales letters, editing, web copy, etc.

Freelancing works can be done either joining a freelancing site like oDesk and Elance. You can choose to start your own website. When you are a newbie, it is better to become a member of job boards like oDesk, Guru, Vworker and Freelancer.

If you want to do freelancing from your home, you will need a checklist before you start with marketing. In your home based small business, you should keep a few samples in your niche ready. Prospective clients first ask for samples before ordering it. Do your best to produce some excellent samples for your home based business.

Then you must have an avenue of communication like email and phone number. These days Skype is the best way to communicate with clients. For freelancing you are supposed to possess skills like familiarity with MS Office and Typing. These skills are common in a home based small business.

To succeed in freelancing you have to be very disciplined. Especially, on the front of meeting deadlines and working strictly according to instruction of clients. Freelancing can be profitable as well as a source of regular income in a home based small business if done correctly.

Selling Creativity on Etsy

Etsy is a great place where people trade vintage and homemade arts and crafts for a home based business. Many people, especially women, are making descent money over this site. If you are an artist or craftiest, you can sell your creation on Etsy and earn a handsome living in your home based small business.

There are over 40 categories of arts and crafts to choose from. Items selling on Etsy are usually not generally available on the internet. So there is no competition and thus you can sell anything in your home based small business. Even you are not good at these crafts, you can use knowledge of others in your locality and sell them on Etsy.

There are thousands of other home based small business ideas that can be done from home. The above mentioned ways are some of the easiest ways to start. They require very little to no investment. If you are computer illiterate, you may need some technical know how to trade online.

The good thing is that selling online can be easily learned within a short period of time. Then, you can join the millions who are working at home with a successful home based small business.