standard Work-from-Home Moms Need Video Marketing Skills


What happens if you want to work-from-home and how can video marketing skills contribute to your business success? As there are many moms who want to work from home, this information will focus on the advantages of video marketing skills.

Studies reveal that around one-in-five parents account for stay-at-home moms and dads in the U.S. That’s one-in-five parents who have the opportunity to earn a wage by working from home.

Far from being a new concept, working from home offers parents the chance to spend time with their children. Moreover, they can meet the economic demands of caring for a family at the same time.

How do video marketing skills turn a work-from-home business idea into a raging success?

There’s a lot to be said for investing in a business venture of your own. There are also tons of inspiring stories about multitasking super-moms out there. Moms who have managed to turn a simple business idea into a raging success. Indeed, they accomplished this without ignoring the needs of their families and loved ones.

Apart from offering a product that consumers truly want, or a service that they truly need, well publicized businesses do better than those that just don’t know how to connect with their target audience.

Of all the possible marketing techniques that work-at-home moms, running their own businesses, could employ, video marketing skills are incredibly effective.

According to recent data, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Also, 99% of businesses that already use video, plan to continue doing so in the future. Their video marketing skills are to the rescue in their business.

Different kinds of video marketing ideas to suit your business needs

One of the great things about video marketing is that it’s super creative. There are many different ways in which you can approach a campaign and increase your video marketing skills. You can include video testimonials, videos to say “thank you”, and marketing videos that educate, entertain, or showcase brand events.

Video testimonials are excellent online marketing tools, because they instill trust in the target audience. They also invite potential clients/customers to connect with brands, products, or services, on a very personal level.

Creating a video just to say “thank you” makes existing customers/clients feel special and is a great way to increase you video marketing skills. In fact, it can help brands improve customer/client retention.

The special qualities of any kind of product can be announced via a marketing video. As such, the powers of educational marketing material, in particular, should never be underestimated in your video marketing skills.

Customers love learning about the details of new products or how special services work. On a similar note, when a video is really entertaining, there’s always the chance that it might go viral.

For one thing, entertaining videos that encourage customers to hit the share button contribute indirectly to an increase in brand awareness or new business opportunities.

Becoming business savvy

While it may seem complex, learning how to create marketing videos isn’t all that difficult. There are plenty of free online courses you can take to learn the basics and increase your video marketing skills. In many cases, the only equipment you’ll need is a smartphone and a free online editing program, such as ClipChamp.

So, get ready to take your cool and creative work-from-home business idea to the next level. Increase your video marketing skills and invest in a few marketing videos. Ready, camera, action!

Author:  Jane Edwards – Freelance Writer