standard Work At Home With Alorica Including Benefits


Work at home with Alorica is available for people who want an opportunity with benefits. For one thing, Alorica is one of the biggest global business process outsourcing companies. In fact, they have operations in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe that specializes in customer service.

That being said, Alorica describes itself as a customer experience company. One that make lives better through one interaction at a time. The company has also pioneered in tapping professional customer service personnel. These individuals that are more fixed in their schedules are offered work at home.

Alorica offers professional people tied up with their own tight schedule that chance to serve and work. Thus, people can enjoy work at the comfort of their homes and quite literally in PJs.

Work at Home with Alorica offers Flexibility and Work Life Balance

Alorica essentially provides people the flexibility to balance work and life. All while being able to provide professional customer experiences. Whether as a personal decision or due to personal circumstances, you can work and build a career at Alorica. You can enjoy the advantage while providing service at home.

This program thrives on flexibility thereby allowing workers to perform their equally important responsibilities like attending to children. They have time for their activities or maintaining a lifestyle that is freed from the rigid schedules of work.

In spite of this however, work at home with Alorica expects the highest degree of professionalism and accountability from its work at home employees.  It is imperative to deliver standard service that it is known for.

Types of Work Available

Among the job services available for work at home employees included providing administrative services and acting as virtual assistants. There are also services providing writing services or acting as home-based agents engaged in obtaining and verifying customer information. In addition, answering queries, resolving issues and conducting sales and promotion.

Other than work at home customer service careers, they also have corporate roles that are facilitated virtually from home.

Basic Tools and Requirements

For people interested in work at home employment, the minimum equipment requirement that you need to have is a computer with an internet connection and a phone. What is more, the computer must have at least a 1GB RAM memory, and 1 GHZ processing speed. You will also require speakers and headset for conducting your service.

Internet connection should also at least be a DSL or cable. In particular, dial-up, satellite, or 4G wireless connections are not allowed. This is in order to ensure stable connection and uninterrupted service to customers.

Training and Point of Contact

Alorica will provide full paid training to admit home based workers via ILT and CBT. The former or Instructor Led Training are real-time in virtual classroom conducted by a live instructor or trainor.

Computer Based Training (CBT) are web based series of modules that workers need to complete at their own pace. These included quizzes and tests that are needed to be passed.

Moreover, Alorica will also have assigned a Performance Assessment Liaison (PAL). They will serve as your focal person for training and call processing, among other support needs.

Work at Home with Alorica – Employee Benefits

Besides flexibility of schedule, work at home employees of Alorica save money and time from commuting. There is no need to dress up. Furthermore, you can also receive medical and dental benefits while working in the comfort of your home.

Note that work from home agents of Alorica are considered as employees and not as independent contractors. Thus, they are similarly entitled to minimum wage in their respective locations.  Those interested to work at home with  Alorica can visit