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This information will guide you to work at home as a virtual receptionist with  If you are looking for a work from home job, has good reviews on Trustpilot, Glassdoor, and Capterra.  Therefore, most likely they can give you excellent results.  It is said to be one of the most rewarding job opportunities available for you to consider as well.

What do you have to do as a virtual receptionist?

It doesn’t require a person with special capabilities or skills to work as a virtual receptionist and earn money.  For this position, your primary responsibility would be to answer calls.  In addition to that, you will have to work on responding to web chats as well.  You would be working along with a range of professionals and businesses.

Some of the other responsibilities that you’ll need to do as a virtual receptionist include screening new clients, collecting payments, booking appointments and transferring calls.  Likewise, basic telephone and computer skills can land you with an opportunity to get the job done at the convenience of home.

How to become an effective virtual receptionist?

Specialty skills aren’t a prerequisite to become a virtual receptionist.  But if you try to become a virtual receptionist without having an understanding of even the basics, it is unlikely you will be hired.  As a result, you will get frustrated and you will tend to give up.

Therefore, all the individuals who are looking forward to make money working from home as virtual receptionists are strongly encouraged to learn the basic receptionist skills that are needed to ensure their success in the long run.

Next, there are some of the basic skills that you must have to become a successful virtual receptionist.  You can acquire these skills and earn money online with minimum hassle.

Plan and strategize

Initially, you must learn how to plan and strategize.  Moreover, you need to focus on the principles and take your time to craft a plan.  You can easily get yourself engaged with the work that is available in front of you.  But you should also determine what will happen tomorrow or in next week.

When you proceed without a proper plan, there is a high possibility for you to feel overwhelmed. This can eventually make you give up.

Thus, you must follow the plan. You may also notice that you are finding difficulties when you follow the plan.  At that point, take a look at the plan again and make appropriate changes in it. This will help you to overcome the frustrating moments that you might face in the future.

Ideas for multitasking

Multitasking is a smart and necessary skill to have.  Yet, when you are working as a virtual receptionist, you must think twice before you multitask.  That’s because multitasking is in a position to lead you towards some serious issues in the long run.

Assume that it will take just one hour for you to get something done.  But when you multitask, it can take a lot longer for you to do it.  This might create a negative impression on the mind of your client as they know how much time is needed to get the job done.

In fact, your client will then think that you are an inefficient virtual receptionist.  Multitasking can often give life to quality related issues as well.

To overcome this issue, you are encouraged to focus on batching.  You can go over the tasks that you want to achieve and create batches.  Afterward, you can prioritize the batches and focus on what’s important.

Learn how to communicate effectively as a virtual receptionist

Effective communication is an important skill that every virtual receptionist must have.  Indeed, it is worth to invest your time and get this skill.  Then, you will not walk away with any disappointment in the future.

You should be clear and concise when you are communicating something to your client.  For instance, it can be about the job that you do or a payment.

While you try to improve the communication skills, you must also keep in mind that listening plays a major role in here.  In fact, listening is responsible for around 50% of the communication capabilities that you have.

Therefore, you should learn how to listen and how to speak properly.  This will make you a better person with the sales.  In addition, you will be a better person when resolving conflicts as well.

In the long run, you will be able to attend to the client requirements and cater to them in an effective manner.

Technical requisites

It is necessary to have a laptop or desktop computer with a Google Chrome browser to work as a virtual receptionist with  It is also a requirement to have a reliable and tested internet connection.

You will need to have excellent typing skills that will be tested.  Furthermore, a quiet working environment for attending to business will be a necessity.  Plus, you should have a headset that has an attached microphone arm.

Pay rate for a virtual receptionist with

The company has a starting pay of $10 an hour. There is an additional $1 an hour if you are bilingual.  They pay weekly and state they give longevity and performance raises.


  • 1)  Paid training
  • 2)  Medical
  • 3)  Dental
  • 4)  Vision
  • 5)  Retirement
  • 6)  Bonuses

Final Words

Now, you have a clear understanding on what it takes to become a virtual receptionist.  With that in mind, you can go to the next step and apply to work at home as a virtual receptionist.  It can provide you with rewarding experiences and results in the long run, which you will love.