standard Why You Need To Create A Successful Landing Page For Your Ads


There is need for internet marketers to create a successful landing page for each of your products. This is very important and it’s a game changer in every online business.

When visitors come online, they browse the internet in search for certain things that interest them. In the process of searching, they find ads or links. When they click such ads or links, it takes them to a page on the web.

This page where they are directed to is what is called a landing page. As an internet marketer, your successful landing page is where your potential customers would be directed to when they click your ads or ad link.

Granted affiliate programs differ in many ways. Some of these programs allow merchants to pay affiliates for every click they send to their product (pay per click). An example of such programs include; eBay, JVZoo, Clickbank, etc.

What happens here is that merchants put their products on these sites. Then, the owners of these sites give their affiliates the permission to promote these products on the website of these affiliates.

The visitors click the product link on the affiliate’s site. Then, the visitor will be directed to the merchant’s successful  landing page. As for this, the affiliate gets paid for a visitor who buys.

A successful landing page encourages conversions

You are a merchant (seller) in an affiliate program. As such, the only way you can make some money is through conversion. That is, when the visitor that lands on your successful landing page ends up buying your product. There is no way you can earn anything without this conversion of a visitor into a buyer.

So, don’t be a seller without a successful landing page. That’s just like promoting a product without having a store for that product. It is useless to place an ad on an affiliate site without a page where potential customers land.

This is true no matter how appealing your promotion is. Moreover, it will never convert if interested visitors cannot get to a successful landing page to purchase your promoted product.

It is wrong to use the homepage of your website as your landing page for your products. Furthermore, it is equally wrong to use other pages like the “contact us” page or “product list” page as your landing page.

Product list pages and homepages contains multiple products and links pointing to different kinds of products and services.

A product has its own landing page

Therefore, you will never be successful in affiliate programs if your special landing page contains several other products. Your potential customer may not be interested in these. In fact, it’s a distraction for customers.

Landing page links keyword to products

Thus, you are creating a landing page. Then, you should bear in mind the customer you are sending to that page to. Your successful landing page should be relevant to what your adverts said it is. Also, your customer should land on a page that contains products that relates to your ad keywords.

Landing page encourages action

Your landing page should be structured in a way that it encourages your potential clients to take some action. The goal being for your customer to purchase the particular product or service you are advertising to them.

As an affiliate marketer, having a landing page cannot be overemphasized. You may already be in some affiliate marketing program and you don’t have a successful landing page.

That said, you will end up spending too much without getting anything back. Creating a successful landing page for your product is not difficult. Start creating one now to help your business prosper.