standard Where To Find A Medical Transcription Typing Job Working At Home


Do you type well? Are you looking for work at home? Then, you can find a medical transcription typing job working at home. You are not required to start a medical transcription business to make money. You can find a lot of information on the web about having your own typing business but do you realize you can be an employee working from home? There are full time and part time jobs.

Multiple work at home job sites available

Currently, on, I have seen 25 work from home medical transcription typing jobs advertised on that site. Furthermore, you can check work at home jobs. These can be listed as remote or telecommute jobs.

Also, there is It is one of the top freelance medical transcription typing job sites. Currently, they are posting 19 job offers for temporary and full time work at the time of this writing. In addition, there are offers for someone that can just type well.

In any event, there are a lot of individuals with great typing skills that don’t have medical transcription typing job experience. Online, there are sites where people can apply for work as a ‘newbie’ transcription typist.

Read on to below for online websites that can help a ‘beginner typist’ find the possibility for a medical transcription job since a lot of advertised jobs do require experience.

Medical transcription typing job list

A site that is hiring for a medical transcription typing job once you have passed their skills test. Your work for Quicktate will be transcribing mostly short voicemail messages. Then again, on occasion you may be given other forms of files, also. You could be promoted to their sister company, You would be paid slightly more for your transcribed files once you have been doing transcription typing for Quicktate for a while.

Higher starting pay rates for a ‘beginner’ medical transcription typing job. They require applicants to be U.S. residents. Also, you have to complete a questionaire to be considered. There will be a typing test to be done when they contact you and employment is contract.

An online company that a beginner can find a medical transcription typing job opportunity. They vary from summary writers, verbatim transcription, to medical transcription. Individuals can receive a lot more work if they provide the same day or next day typed transcripts. All applying typists will begin at the same pay rate no matter the experience. This company does require English speaking and pay is every 2 weeks.

Will hire English and Spanish speaking beginner typists for a posted medical transcription typing job. The initial step is filling out their form. Then, you will be required to take their typing test. A rep from the Operations Department will be contacting you after 48 hrs. to go over their next step. You can retake their typing test in 24 hrs. if you fail the first try. Pay is per audio hour. This company pays every week.

These companies offer opportunities for valuable experience. You have options for moving most anywhere and taking your job with you once you have medical transcription experience. That is a luxury even if your pay is less than having your own typing business.

In any event, typists can find a medical transcription typing job working at home. There are a lot online companies that post transcription typing work with full time benefits. You don’t have to deal with self employment tax or paying for benefits, etc with these opportunities. In general, this would occur if you have your very own transcription typing business. To your success in finding the typing job you are searching for.