standard What You Need To Know Before You Choose A Work At Home Job


You probably think your idea of working at home is an amazing notion if you have just started searching for a work at home job. Maybe, you see yourself getting out of bed as you please and putting on your comfie house shoes. Then, dragging to the kitchen to prepare some coffee.

Later in the day, you go out to your mailbox and get a weekly paycheck where you have made a few thousand dollars. Granted, I am sorry for bursting your bubble if you you believe you’ll get thousands of dollars in your mailbox because the imagination does not bring you money in the mail. For clarification, I would say that would be rare for a work at home job to work out that way.

The truth of the matter is that it can be much easier to work in an office compared to a work at home job. As for this, we have been made to believe that a work at home job is extremely easier by ads from hyped business opportunities and scammers. Specifically, I am very sure that you have come across ads that say you just need to relax and enjoy the beach. You will still get your paychecks while you’re having fun. I am certain you understand and know the truth if you work at home.

Here are factors to consider before getting into a work at home job:


You should be ready to earn less money than what you will earn while working outside the home. This is the usual pattern if you work as a telecommuter. Actually,  telecommuter jobs pay $7 to $8 per hour for a work at home job and about $11 per hour while working in a traditional office.

Some professional higher paying work at home jobs are coding, medical transcription, and virtual assistance. Also, graphics and web design, among others, are likely to pay higher. By the same token, this is in comparison to other jobs like customer service and simple data entry.

Besides, payment by the hour is not done in most work at home jobs. Payment might be done by the piece in data entry work and per talk minute in most telephone jobs. Thus, only the number of minutes that you will be on a phone with the customer will count.


Should your work at home job provide benefits? Benefits such as life insurance and health insurance among others are not offered in most work at home jobs.  Although, there are minimal exceptions. Yes, you can find a few online companies that do have telecommute jobs with benefits.


A work at home job is different in various companies. Thus, you will be working as a real employee in some companies. Your pay will be taxed as an employee while in other contract jobs paying taxes is your responsibility.  Albeit, this is because you work as a contractor who is independent.

Availability of work

You should know that the employer is not compelled to offer you with work if you will be working as an independent contractor. Considering this, there will be high and low seasons in many companies. Work will be required 40-50hrs in a week when the season is busy in most cases. At any rate, in a slower season it may be difficult to work even 10hrs per week.


You will experience extreme difficulties if you are among individuals who must have someone watching over them so they will get the work done. Therefore, discipline is essential to success in working at home. Even more, you need total discipline to get everyday work accomplished. You need to sit at your desk and also get on your computer even when you are not in the mood. Particularly, you need to have a similar schedule to a job outside your home and be focused.


Being lonely is part of a work at home job. Adjusting to working alone is demanding if social interaction contributes to your success. Nevertheless, you may need to spend time with friends some of the time to adopt to alone time.  Also, you can socialize with online workers by joining online groups. Truly, these can be entertaining and also a learning experience.


You should choose a schedule that best suits you because some schedules are flexible. Many times you may have the freedom of choosing the hours to work. Furthermore, other job hours are specific and fixed. In fact, the worst mistake that I committed in the past was accepting a fixed scheduled job which I did not like after getting. Anyway,  following someone’s schedule was among the things I hated while working outside the home, but I had forgotten it.

Child/children care

A work at home job is what most mothers want because instead of taking their children to daycare, they prefer raising them. Nevertheless, it is not easy to work at home when the children are small. The age of your children determines a lot so it’s not impossible. Besides, it is not possible to have a quiet background if you have small children. That would be something required by telephone job employers.

Selecting a work at home job that you enjoy

It is essential because the attitude of thinking you will take any kind of work provided just to get paid won’t last long. Similarly, a work at home job requires you to be completely disciplined and motivated.

Especially, your work will be much easier if you are passionate about what you are doing. You should know that a work at home job might be challenging and difficult, irrespective of the type of work you choose. However, it is amazing for most us who are already working.

In all honesty, this article has probably made think you are not right for a work at home job. In any case, you should keep in mind that if you want it so badly, you can change the perception. If your motivation level is low, work on it.  All you need is to subject yourself to some minimal challenges every other day as well as strengthening your self-discipline levels.

What is more, ensure your search for a work at home job that provides health benefits continuous until you get the job you long for. Go ahead and search for possibilities that provide self-employed with health insurance that is affordable. All and all, you will finally make it if your resilience is strong but, most importantly, you should never stop believing your dreams.