standard Video Marketing Is The Powerful Way To Promote Your Product


There are no better ways to promote your product, service, or webpage other than video marketing. Video marketing can be a valuable means of exposure in the right hands. Furthermore, videos are hot in the media business nowadays.

YouTube gets millions of individual visits on a daily basis. Most of the visitors stay at the site for hours. This post will teach you how to exploit video marketing to promote your product. You can skyrocket your online traffic along with your sales. We are going to teach you the proper way to draw more people to view your videos. How to make them reach a much bigger audience to promote your product.

Types of videos

This is one of the first decisions you have to make in video marketing. Set a clear attribute for your videos to better promote your product. Are they going to be informative to the public? Entertaining? Or simply advertising? Your product, service or web page will define what kind of video you need to promote your product.

It depends on what kind of web page or product you have. The corresponding markets react differently to each type of video. For some it is humor. For others it’s education-derived content. Even plain old marketing that does the trick to promote your product.

It is usually a good idea to make several videos of different types to promote your product. The purpose is testing the market’s response. You should do this before deciding what kind of video is best to promote your product in that market. Upload a few videos of every type. Then you will be in a position to find out the exact type that will bring the best market reaction.

There are 3 basic categories of videos

1. Entertainment – This is the kind of content that intends to provoke laughter and excitement. One way or another. It has the biggest chance of becoming viral to promote your product. This is because people tend to show funny or shocking videos to their friends and family more often.

2. Educational/Informative – Through these videos people learn how to perform a task. They may become educated on a field. Others are informed about serious developments in a certain field.

3. Marketing – These videos have the obvious intention of simply advertising products, web pages or services. In essence, they are commercials.

Usually, the first category gets better reaction from the younger segment aged between 18 and 40 years. This doesn’t mean that younger audiences will always prefer entertaining videos. Most of the times they do. The other two categories work equally well for consumers of all age groups to promote your product.

It is equally essential to choose the optimal video category. This is for both your targeted audience and your product. For example, entertaining videos might do the trick for some products. Then, they fail with others. They are probably your best bet in case you are trying to promote a funny web page or clothes for the youth

On the contrary, you can promote serious subjects such as a medical web page for instance. Funny videos are probably not the best choice. In this case you should create videos. Ones that inform your target audience about what you are offering to promote your product. Effective product promotion is all about innovation. Not just doing what everyone else does.

Video creation

You don’t have to produce stellar cinematography to get to a successful video. Something as simple as screen capturing or plain sideshows will do a beautiful job to promote your product. As long as they are properly prepared. They communicate their message effectively.

To create video, you need the following

1. Appropriate video authoring software

2. A decent microphone to record audio

Adding voice-over is not a necessary video component in order to promote your product. Nevertheless, it will increase your video’s appeal when you do this.

Slide-show videos are very popular. A lot of users prepare them with programs like PowerPoint. This makes it easy to save your presentation in a video format. In addition, it offers several special effects that you can exploit when authoring your videos.

You could promote your product by using the included Windows Movie Maker if you own a Windows PC. It is pretty easy when you add various components such as pictures and audio –be it music or voice-over. You can even add text within this program.

Try making a normal video to promote your product if you own a high quality camera. You may be camera-shy so try having a member of your family appear in it.

Notable facts to keep in mind

Always keep your focus marketing-wise while you are in the process of video creation. It’s easy to get carried away. You can forget the real reason you are making your video. Remember, it is to advertise.

It happens more often than you can imagine. People make videos. They upload them without focusing on their market. You should never forget embedding your advertising message in your content to promote your product. This is extremely important! That single hyperlink in the description field is never enough! Make certain that your message to promote your product is properly conveyed in your content.

We offer you the following guidance

1. Make sure that your logo or website address appear in the video for the whole duration

2. Make sure that logo/address appear at the end of the video, against a black background

3. The product name and/or the website address should be HEARD during the video as many times as possible

4. Put up a link in the video description


You have to upload it after authoring your video. It may come as a surprise to many. There are more video sharing services with marketing impact, besides YouTube. Granted, YouTube is big but still, they are not alone.

Try to fill the video title with as many keywords as possible when you are in the uploading process. It’s not different to the practice followed when doing article submission. Keywords go into article titles, don’t they? Therefore, the same advice should be followed when making videos to promote your product.

It’s easy to understand why this matters. First of all, YouTube is Google-owned and it is positioned really well in google searches. You could even get your video to appear on the very first page in google search results of your keyword. Besides, this would mean insane traffic to your site to promote your product.

Also, you need to implement keywords in the video title. You will be helping other people discover your content. This is when people do direct searches on YouTube or any other video-sharing website. You should choose keywords that draw good traffic to better promote your product.

Finally, it is preferable to avoid doing it automatically when submitting to YouTube. This is so that you won’t get in trouble or endanger your account. Other sites may be more tolerant with automated submissions. Then, it’s fine to use that method to promote your product in these occasions.