standard Understanding The Google Keyword Tool For Targeted Traffic



The chances that your online business will be successful when your website records massive traffic is very high. Online businesses thrive on the kind of traffic the business website receives. Granted, you should learn how to use the Google keyword tool to achieve this targeted traffic.

Keywords promote traffic generation. As such, the Google keyword tool will help you identify the right keywords. This is required to generate the traffic you need to grow your online business. Moreover, Google has one of the biggest search engines. It makes it a good source to discover the most commonly used keywords online.

Especially, you need a good keyword list. You need it to get the desired results from whatever method you are using to generate traffic online. The best part is that the Google keyword tool is available for free to everyone.

Create your keyword list

Let’s discuss how you can get the best results by using the Google keyword tool. First, you will need to create a keyword list which will be tailored to the niche you intend to target. You can proceed by writing some common phrases related to your niche. You will also get some suggestions for possible keywords from the tool.

Understand keyword match types

Actually, you should also understand the settings while using the tool. It is designed to generate three types of match types which are broad, exact, and phrase. Each match type has its pros and cons which you should be aware of while using the Google keyword tool.

Broad match

A broad match reveals an outcome based on the particular terms you have entered. For example, you search for the term cheap golf balls. The results will include any of the three words; cheap, golf, and balls. Broad matches can be used to generate a lot of traffic to your website. But, it hardly leads to conversion or sales. This is because you have not reached out to your target audience.

Exact match

Now, you want to get an exact match while using the tool. Then, the traffic will include visitors that are searching for the same keywords that you target. For example, you use the exact match feature for the keyword phrase, cheap golf balls.

Thus, the outcome will reflect online searches made by your audience for the term “cheap golf balls.” However, the generated traffic will not be very high. Even so, it is more targeted. Hence, there are chances of higher conversion when the audience visits your site.

Phrase match

So, you are using the Google keyword tool. Then, your primary goal should be to identify keyword phrases that many people are searching for. But, it should be different from the keywords your competition is using. You can determine the keywords that are being commonly searched. Although, this will also depend on the methods you are using to generate traffic. This is a good tip to get better results.

You should have a good understanding of your chosen niche. It will enable you to accurately determine the factors that will guide you when creating keywords. You might experience some level of trial and error from this perspective. For one thing, you may be using the Google keyword tool for the first time.

The results you get will ultimately depend on the quality of your keyword list. Generally, this applies to all types of online methods used to generate traffic. Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Article Marketing, etc. are some choices. You can get a large number of helpful keywords to target with the Google keyword tool.

Most online SEO tools are free

Have you noticed that a majority of the tools you need to grow your online business are available for free? You can start an online business without an initial financial investment if you already have a computer that is connected to the internet. But, you must, also, be ready to learn a lot of information and work hard to succeed.

Now, you know how to use one of the best free online tools; the Google keyword tool. It is your leverage to start your online business, positively. Above all, it is essential to drive traffic to your website. You will get the best results once you have understood the importance of keywords. A big step is how to create a good keyword list and use the Google keyword tool.