standard Understanding Meta Tags In SEO For Higher Search Rank


Meta tags in SEO go hand in hand with the content of a website and are responsible for attracting the targeted audience towards the website.  They also lend a big helping hand in giving off a vibe about the content on the website.  Overall, this is very crucial.

Almost every single search engine out there updates its searching algorithms.  This gives the visitors the most up to date experience.  Also, all the search engines have their own specific algorithm.  This is used to have the website indexed in online search results.

Remember, you want your website to have a good place in the result pages of search engines.  With that in mind, you should pay attention to its algorithm.  Although these algorithms do not change on a daily basis, they still evolve with time regularly.  However, it’s the meta tags in SEO that obviously steals the show.

Location Of Meta Tags In SEO

Even though these meta tags in SEO are kept invisible by browsers, they are always considered by the search engines.  The tags also help in deciding the place of your website on the result page of a search engine.  The more relevant they are with the content, the better the place of the website on the search result page.

For creating useful tags, you should keep a relevance among keywords, description, and the title of the website.  This relevance is what the search engine considers first.  Next, if the keywords are relevant, you will have a good place on the search result pages for sure.

Title Tags

Whenever you open a page, you see the main title of the content.  The title tag is what you see, and an essential meta tag of your page as well.  Don’t forget that the title tag can be seen by the search engine and the visitor.  Moreover, always pay utmost attention in selecting a title tag.

You should use the most linkable keywords in the title tag.  These meta tags in SEO are mostly the first thing seen by the visitor when they start reading the page.  Get an attractive and relevant keyword on the upper left portion as your title tag.  Then, you will be having a pretty good boost in your search results.

Here’s a relevant tip.  The upper left corner is an ideal place for your keyword-based meta tags.  In addition, an attractive title tag is mostly considered to be from 10 characters to 70.  If it’s longer, the search engine is most probably going to ignore it.

Description Tags

Description tags have their own importance when it comes to using meta tags in SEO.  They are the first introduction to your website or content of your website.  Therefore, they should be very precise and powerful.  Consider them as an introductory tweet.  Precise, strong, and engaging.

These tags can be essential in improving the SEO of your page if you can keep them within 100 to 200 characters of length.  When a user makes a search, it is the description tags that are seen by the user.  These tags are described in the SERP (search engine result page).

It is helpful if description tags are present on webpages as meta tags.  And as always, relevancy should be considered between the tags and content of the page.  Search  engines will go through the content of your page, and keywords selected for the page.  Next, see if the meta tags or description tags are relevant or not.  If yes, then you will get good SEO results.

An excellent way to use meta tags effectively would be avoiding to stuff the tags with keywords only.  It’s better if you connect sentences to the content.  And keep your tags limited and relevant to the content of the page.

Keywords Tag

One of the more important tags in meta tags in SEO is the keyword tag or keyword optimization.  Remember, having the right keywords is the key to effective SEO.  But in parallel, you have to be very careful not to repeat the words too often.  If done so, there are chances that your page or website may fall into the “SPAM” category.

In order to keep the use of your keyword on a proper roll, it is highly suggested that you take help from SEO plugins.  As a result, they will keep your keyword usage in check and make sure that keyword optimization is not underrated on your website.

Don’t forget that different search engines have assigned different weightage to the positioning of keywords.  Or HTML tags on the page.  For instance, a keyword will have lesser weightage as meta tags if it is used as an H1 tag.  Anyway, there is a significant effect on SEO if it is used as a heading tag or title tag.

Using Meta Tags In SEO

Another trick in using the meta tags in SEO cleverly is to toy with writing the Alt tags of your images.  As such, it would help if you wrote them in a manner that they contain at least one relevant keyword disguised as text from which it was written or taken initially.

If you have a single keyword selected, the best usage density is 5%, with the highest possibility at 6%.  And the lowest at 2%.  If you have multiple keywords, the total density of their usage has been suggested to float in the bracket from 20 to 30%.

Granted, having good SEO for your page is not a complicated method.  You just need to understand that overusing the meta tags in SEO should always be avoided.  Spammers use the meta tags in excess and end up falling in the said category.

Just keep your boat afloat, stay within the suggested usage of the keywords, and you should be able to get your meta tags in SEO a good score.

Good Luck!