standard Tips To Improve The Skill Of Article Writing


The skill of article writing is a very intuitive process.  Due to its sensitive nature, writers often find themselves stuck in the middle of starting to write and completing an article.  Some writers procrastinate and try to prolong the process hoping to find a moment in which they have a sudden impulse and complete the article quickly.

Unfortunately, this attitude doesn’t work for most people.  The reason behind this unneeded delay is the fear of failing.  The writers think their words might lack the power to convey the actual message they want others to hear.

Practice and discipline to increase the skill of article writing


What the writers need to know is that the skill of article writing is not perfect by most individuals in this world.  Every writer will have flaws that can be corrected by writing more.  Practice is the only tool that will help any writer to master the skill of article writing.


The second most important thing for a writer is to have discipline.  Discipline is the tool that will allow any writer to increase the skill of article writing and emerge as a shining star.  It will enable them to maintain their ability especially if they are working in the internet realm.

If you are a disciplined writer, you will have a clear path to present the details of your article.  Having a controlled mental state allows an article writer to place limits on the length of their article.  This, in return, allows the readers to be more focused on the real point of the entire write up.

When you introduce discipline in the skill of article writing, there are no awkward breaks in the sentences.  The motive behind the article becomes clearer and the reader feels comfortable and focused while reading the article.

Discipline gives the writer focus

When writing an article, a writer can come up with a lot of different ideas and perspectives to write about.  What’s important is that the writer should be disciplined enough to flow through their perspectives and look for the more relative ideas.  Ideas their readers can relate to.  This practice in the skill of article writing will enable their readers to read with a higher level of concentration.

When the writer searches their mind for perspective, they should also look for the appropriate set of words to be used in the article.  This skill of article writing will set the mood of the article.  As a result, the audience will be able to understand the feeling of the words.

Follow one idea at a time

Another easy way to discipline your skill of article writing is to break down your article into paragraphs based on your ideas.  Dedicate a single paragraph to one idea and then complete it.  Once done, move on to the next paragraph and hence the next idea.

Eventually, you will have a bulk of paragraphs and the last thing to do will be arranging them to attain a flow of readability.  Many famous article writers have agreed to this being one of the best ways to write any kind of article.

Discipline yourself to just write for the skill of article writing

Another way to stay disciplined while writing an article is to allow ideas to flow.  Many things will pop up in your brain when you are penning down an article.  Such as how relative your ideas are for the current moment.  However, it is not important to include every related thing in an article.

It is possible that you might feel like introducing subtopics in your article because you believe it is relative.  However, you have to look out for the word count of the article and skim your thoughts for the best data.  It is important that you know when to stop and finish the article.

Don’t write and edit at the same time

Editing is an essential part of writing an article.  It gives a good shape to the article.  But it is important to understand that you should not edit your article as you write.  It needs to be done at the very end of the entire process.  Before editing, you need to let your thoughts turn into words and compile a hefty article.

Proofreading – an important skill of article writing

Once you are done with writing the article and you believe that every worthy idea has been included in the article, begin to proofread.  Proofreading will allow you to re-read your own content as a reader.  Afterward, you can look for the weak spots in your write up.

You can remove any unnecessary content or add some helping material for an idea.  Even introduce a missing paragraph or sentence to support the article.  Removing grammatical errors and spelling mistakes is also counted as a skill of article writing.

Rest Your Article

Here is something very important when it comes to the skill of article writing.  Many people believe that once their article is completed, they should immediately use it on the platform for which it was written.  Wrong!  Let the article breathe.

When you have completed the article, give it some time.  A day, at least, shall be given to it and your brain.  Once you do that, you will look at your own article from a completely new  perspective.  At that point, you might make a breakthrough there.

The Final Touches

Once everything is done, it is time to go through the last list.  You need to see if the title fits the article.  Then, the length of the sentences must be revised to stay focused.  Also, using too many oxymorons might be harmful.

If your article is aimed to provide information, make sure the complete information is conveyed.  Having incomplete information about the title will decrease the reader’s perspective about the writer.

Following discipline in your article will allow you to entertain not only your readers but yourself as well.  A good skill of article writing is all you need to compose a perfect article and discipline is the key to it.