standard Tips That Work For Selling Beaded Jewelry At Craft Shows


While creating beaded jewelry can be very enjoyable, it is much more delightful when you are selling beaded jewelry at craft shows. Making impressive beaded jewelry can be a very gratifying experience that many people become passionate about. Anyone that is enthusiastic about making beaded jewelry will often dedicate a lot of time and expertise to creating adorable finished products.

Unfortunately, many stunning beaded jewelries are not purchased because the craftsperson is not mindful of basic requirements for selling beaded jewelry at craft shows. It is expected that you may encounter challenges if you are new to selling beaded jewelry at craft shows.

Thankfully, the following instructions will be very helpful with transforming the art of selling to a rewarding experience.

Know The Type Of Crowd

It is quite common for newbies to make the mistake of having no information on the craft crowd for selling beaded jewelry at craft shows. However, it is absolutely necessary that you have some relevant details of buyers attending. This allows you to know what their expectations would be.

For instance, knowing the neighborhood where the craft fair is organized gives you a peek into how much money the people may be able to spend. With this insight, you may  need to modify the price of your items to increase sales. Other details of the people gathering, like their age group, will help you make the most of selling beaded jewelry at craft shows.

For instance, it would help to come prepared with delightful displays catering to kid’s jewelry when you know that the majority of those attending the fair will be children. Another example is when you’ll be selling beaded jewelry at craft shows at nursing homes. You would want to make sure there are no sharp edges for fragile skin. Older folks love eyeglass chains that are beaded. They like smoother beads and large clasps that are easy to open and close.

Essentially, all the knowledge you have beforehand will help meet the expectations of your ‘crowd’ when it comes to selling beaded jewelry at craft shows. This preparation will translate into greater sales.

Have Business Cards

Many beaded jewelry makers are often unaware of the marketing power of business cards. In other cases, they tend to underestimate its capacity to provoke sales. It is important to know that beaded jewelry fairs present a unique opportunity for you to network with a pool of potential buyers.

While selling your beaded jewelries is to priority, it is equally imperative that you create a huge network of prospective buyers. This can be done by distributing plenty of your business cards. There is a good possibility  that many of your business card recipients would contact you at a later date.

Distributing your business cards can also open the likelihood of referral jobs. It is important that you leverage your business card when selling beaded jewelry at craft shows.

Have Flexible Pricing

It is not advisable to go to a beaded jewelry fair with fixed prices for your items. Just know the demographics of those attending and use this as a gauge to determine the price. At the fair, it is expected that you modify the pricing of your jewelries to meet your current circumstances. Bartering often characterizes the buying and selling processes at fairs.

Therefore, it comes highly recommended that you raise the offering price a little.  This will allow space for negotiations. Moreover, implementing this recommendation can be demanding. Anyhow, a lot of energy is required for negotiations and lengthy talks.

Even so,  it is very rewarding when you become accustomed to it. Another interesting approach to selling beaded jewelry at craft shows is offering as a set at a discounted price. It never fails to encourage sales.

Be Able To take Credit Cards And Checks

It would help for you to accept a variety of payment options when it comes to receiving payments. Moreover, it may reassure you to know that I never encountered any complication or fraud with this payment option.

Most buyers often wind up using up all of their cash money. Then, they may need to use credit cards to continue purchasing at the craft show. With this in mind, having internet and phone service to authenticate credit cards is likely needed . You may have instances where there is no power.

Then, you could always rely on the card swipe and carbon paper to obtain numbers for subsequent authorization. A merchant account is a definite plus to accept credit card payment when selling beaded jewelry at craft shows.

Thankfully, there are numerous neighborhood banks that can help you with the entire process. It is also very inexpensive. So, you can be sure that it would make selling beaded jewelry at craft shows very convenient. Convenient for both you and your customers.

Most bead makers thoroughly enjoy the experience of selling beaded jewelry at craft shows. This is because it offers a fantastic opportunity for their creativity to be appreciated. Selling beaded jewelry at craft shows always inspires craft workers. It definitely gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

The best part is that selling beaded jewelry at craft shows offers a great chance to make money. Know your basic tips. Then, you can absolutely have fun while working. The people who accomplish this talent have a lot of good memories along with a profitable experience.