standard The Truth That Gives Your Website The Ability To Make Money


This article is about the truth that gives your website the ability to make money. That being said, you can have the perfect articles enriched with the best keywords. Even so, content is not king without a linking strategy to give your site the ability to make money. Therefore, I will include information to teach you the linking strategies. You need to apply the correct linking strategies to make money online. So, please continue reading.

Search engine recognition is your ability to make money

You have to choose and apply the right keywords and publish content enhanced with these high-quality keywords. Albeit, this will get you only halfway towards achieving optimum search engine recognition. The other half of the journey is solely based on search engine popularity. In simple terms, search engine recognition is the key to making money.

In real life, popularity is measured by instances such as the students who were voted King and Queen at the high school prom. Then, there is the lady who received the most invites for a date on Saturday night. Also, there is the sibling who gets the most attention from the parents.

But, popularity on the search engines is entirely different in the tech world. It is mostly based on the website with the most quality links redirecting online traffic to its IP address. That website wins the popularity contest among the search engines. Furthermore, it means more ability to make money for the business owner.

Get keyword links to your site

So, there is the game of popular in the search engines. Therefore, the ability to make money is dependent on getting links to your website. You should be looking for websites with themes and topics that are similar to yours which can redirect links back to your site. Websites are ranked by importance depending on how the search engines regard these sites.

Your ability to make money will be stronger when you get solid links for sites that rank high up on the search results. This could also be a high ranked page. Thus, the links redirected back to you from these particular sites are perceived as very valuable.

You’ll have to increase your ability to make money by maximizing the potential of link popularity. You will have better results when you carefully identify highly valued websites. Granted, you probably have an idea of some obvious sites which you already know of. Next, you should carry out further searches for many more desired sites to link to. This is done based on keywords you wish to use in gaining search engine recognition. This link strategy is your best ability to make money.

You need not worry about the fact that some of the popular linking sites may be your competition. At any rate, they won’t be willing to redirect links to your site. Rather, you can focus on those popular sites that feature content or products that either compliment your site directly or indirectly.

Link to high ranking websites in your articles

This is easy in WordPress. In any event, this is how you have a better chance to increase your ability to make money. You find high ranked websites on the search engines that will redirect valuable links to your site. Yes, the best links are those links that are the same topic or niche as your website. These links will raise your site’s value in the search engines.

Furthermore, you need to focus on the use of text links rather than using a URL. For example, you need to use text links from high ranking sites that are relevant and substantial with the right keywords. Of course, they should be search engine friendly to improve your ability to make money from your site.