standard The Pros and Cons Of Pre-Made Adsense Ready Websites



It is trendy to see AdSense ready websites up for sale online in recent years. AdSense ready websites are content websites which have incorporated automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements. They can generate revenue on a per-click or per-impression basis. There is usually a problem of choice. This is due to the fact that too many different kinds of these websites are readily available.

Therefore you will find various prices ranging from as low as $9 for a hundred sites to $1,000 for only one site. The problem of choice comes with buyers having difficulty choosing between the high cost of quality against the affordability of quantity.

You may be in for buyers remorse if you opt to buy cheap and quantity promising AdSense ready websites. You may find yourself using the exact same AdSense ready websites bought by over a thousand other users. In particular, you find your static content being a duplicate of other website owners who have bought the same package.

A Ready Made WordPress Site Can Be Changed To Be Original

The implication of this is having your website completely unnoticed by search engines. However, buying an affordable pack of AdSense ready sites may be acceptable if such packages are offered by WordPress. You can make the needed changes with WordPress sites to create a unique website. There will be information regarding this later in the article.

Just keep in mind that thousands more people already have or they are making plans to submit the exact AdSense ready websites you are putting up for submission. Although, you can find websites where contents are updated after a certain amount of sales.

In other words, there is a constant and continuous change in content. Whatever the content is, you would still need to rewrite all content to be original. Moreover, Adsense ready websites with original content is the best though they are not real common.

Some Key Problems With Adsense Ready Websites

There are Adsense ready websites that are created with minimal, plain text without images. The builders of these sites reason this will increase search engine ranking. This isn’t, usually, the case. You cannot name an image that is not there. At any rate, no image and there will not be image keywords for your website. So, no images means less  keywords for search engines to send you visitors.

This is not to say that some AdSense ready websites are not cool and sleek. There are some websites that are very good, but they tend to be susceptible to cloning and duplication. The good news here is that the semblance of website details are noticed by human beings.

Search engines will see every website as unique if the image caption, the alt tag, and contents are unique and different. Remember, search engines do not see like the human eye. What they see is what they read, not the visual of what they read.

Ability To Manage The Backend Of A Website

You might encounter relative difficulty when trying to insert your affiliate codes into some AdSense ready websites. A similar problem is also encountered when there is need to make some changes which will require a bit of HTML coding. It is much easier if you have purchased a site that has software to make changes easier.

A few platforms will simply require you to insert your domain name. Then, your full website design is implemented and hosted. It is also wise to look out for some unique AdSense ready websites that come with web-accessible admin/control panel. That will help you manage the backend of your website. This is, basically, the ‘inside of your website’. Many of these unique features are made available by WordPress AdSense ready websites.

Such unique and well-tailored websites allow you to login to the website admin panel. You can make most necessary changes like;

1.  Changing and replacing images
2.  Easy insertion of your affiliate links
3.  Rewriting of your articles to become plagiarism-free
4.  Make your website unique and well tailored to your target audience

These tasks are quite easy to master and can be learned by watching some tutorial videos on YouTube. Overall, WordPress AdSense ready websites are easier to navigate than other third-party AdSense ready websites.

Too Many Promises and Too Few Fulfillments

You may be expecting more than there is after purchasing AdSense ready websites. This will certainly depend on what platform you have purchased. For one thing, there are a lot of these websites that will make your work quite easy. It is easy to effect some necessary changes with some sites. There will, definitely, be other sites that require the tech savvy.

Yet, there is much work to be done. So, don’t expect to quickly start making money from AdSense ready websites because you may be seriously disappointed. You may be surprised to know that your new website is placed in Google’s sandbox usually for about 3 months.

Remember, the sandbox is not literal. In all, you can avoid this initial circumstance when you search and buy a beneficial expired domain. Then, equally importantly, you should create a few hundred high authority links. It is necessary for the future of your website to always use ‘white hat’ methods of SEO. At any rate, you may need to outsource this project if you are a newbie.

Final Word

Congratulations! You, too, can be a surprising success using AdSense ready websites just like thousands of others who did. But, above all said here, there is a lot of work to be done. You will need a lot of online marketing skills and use various social media. Otherwise, you can try ppc. You’ll need to perfect your website design, get your SEO to be top notch and then get the word out. Traffic to your website is your success.