standard The Necessary Requirement To Create The Life You Want


Do you know you can create the life you want? For one thing, do you already have the beliefs to do that? In all honesty, many people spend their whole life blaming circumstances. They give many excuses to why they couldn’t live their lives the way they wanted.

That being said, they don’t realize that the problem lies within them. Take a little time and count how many times you have made excuses. Such as, you have blamed certain circumstances for the reason you could not create the life you want.

The requirement to create the life you want

Stop feeling like a victim because that’s what blaming does. Blaming renders you powerless and makes you feel you have no control over your destiny. You can never create the life you want until you stop giving excuses. Real life begins when you take 100% responsibility of your life. When you blame and make excuses, your creativity is destroyed. Furthermore, you lose your ability to think and create solutions.

Some people blame their parents, country, friends, or spouse. Others blame their boss, education, government, weather, etc. You can’t create the life you want with blame. Blaming makes you surrender, and when you surrender, you can’t persist. When you can’t persist, you fail. Like the saying goes: “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

Being persistent helps you to be creative and innovative. When you try and fail, it helps you to learn some lessons. In your next trial, the lessons learned will help you to move to a higher level. Once there, you can develop the means to overcome the causes of your previous failure. When you take 100% responsibility of your life, you will want to create the life you want more than ever.

Today is your new beginning

Do you doubt that you have a role to play so that you can create the life you want? Even if you are still in doubt, for the purpose of this discussion, ACT AS IF you are 100% in charge of your destiny. Remember the truth that your decisions and actions shape what happens in your life.

When you believe that you have control over your destiny, your self-confidence will increase. Your ability to think and create solutions will increase. Therefore, your tendency to blame will reduce, and your excuses will reduce. In fact, your chances to create the life you want will increase.

Please understand you may not have power over circumstances that surround you, but you do have power over how you respond to circumstances. For example, some people are poor today because their parents are poor.

Actually, the same poverty made some people to become rich. This is because they DECIDED never to experience the same poverty their parents experienced. You see? Your reaction to your circumstances makes the difference.

You may have been told you can’t change circumstances and external factors which you don’t have control over. Yes, you can’t change them, but you can change the way you respond to them. So, stop blaming. Stop giving excuses why you cannot create the life you want.

For instance, take the energy and time you spend blaming and giving excuses. Then, spend that same energy and take time to think, make good decisions, take actions, and take responsibilities.

With your choices, you are on your path to greatness. Yes, it is very possible when you follow the guidance above. It is very important that you don’t underestimate your ability to change things for good. Believe in yourself, and create the life you want.