standard The Importance Of Writing Content Articles For Your Website


The importance of writing content articles for your website is growing rapidly. The reason is that lots of internet marketers are benefiting from this marketing tool.

Many new internet marketers only know the importance of writing content articles as a medium to generate backlinks. They don’t realize they can build a solid reputation by distributing content articles. This reputation is not restricted to their audience alone but also the article distribution websites.

Building a good reputation allows them to create a strong relationship or bond with their audience. There is a high possibility that building a reputation can attract potential customers to their website. These visitors may be willing to pay for their products or services.

Therefore, you should consider the following when writing content articles for your website:

1. Your prospects will know more about you through your articles. Your readers are smart. They will be able to tell in the long run if you are writing content articles to generate backlinks. And, when they realize your intention, they will not click on your link. This is more of a sales call.

Your prospect will never subscribe or purchase your product once they feel you are more interested in the sale. However, this changes onbce they think you are trying to help with the contents you write. Then, you have a better opportunity of sealing the deal.

2. The articles you write or distribute today will turn out to save or haunt you tomorrow. It might be very difficult acquiring knowledge the hard way on the net. That said, anyone researching you will get to see your old work among the results. The question now would be this. Will they be able to tell that you were writing content articles for your site when you started as a newbie?

3. Always inspire your readers or audience to click on your resource box. The likelihood for this to happen is by providing your readers with relevant information that will be useful to them. In other words, you may want to distribute a large number of content articles within a short time.

Therefore, reducing the quality of your articles should not be used as an excuse. You should write all articles with equal quality even if you are writing just a content article per month.

Online marketers who are interested in writing content articles as a marketing tool may experience two obstacles. They include:

1. The skill to write content articles.

2. The ability to distribute articles effectively and efficiently.

Training for writing content articles

You may be someone who finds writing content articles a difficult task. I will strongly advise you train yourself to acquire this skill. Especially, you stand a chance of benefiting in the long run. This is by controlling the frequency of writing content articles and the subject to write about. The strategy to use includes:

1. Hire a copywriter or seek the services of copywriting companies during the first month. They will be in charge of writing contents articles focused on the subject you are interested in. Having in mind that this differs from purchasing a copy of an article that is forwarded to several other people. This article has to be written exclusively for you.

2. The next step takes place during the second month. While hiring the services for writing content articles, you try to re-write an article in your own words every week. In other words, obtain the core subject then pen it down how you perceive it.

3. In the third step, you can stop the services of a copywriter and subscribe for ghostwritten articles. You should be careful with ghostwritten content. They are distributed to many others. Therefore, you will have to re-write them. I am not talking about exchanging a few words here or there. Or, even altering paragraphs and submitting them when I say you should re-write.

The importance of creating articles as plagiarism free

I am talking about  a complete re-write. If you fail to do so, the article may be rejected. You will have to ensure that you create a unique article. An entirely new article out of the same core subject. You can use the following methods and create completely new articles:

a. This can be done by purchasing such articles.

b. You can go for PLR (private label rights) articles that contains the subject and obtain ideas combined in those different articles.

c. You can search for articles that suit you by visiting article directories. This option is free.

Do not forget that you have to re-write these articles completely. This is true except those you have purchased as original content that is not plagiarized. Do not use an article written by someone else and claim credit for it.

a. This is unethical.

b. Article directories will reject content.

c. Some article directories might blacklist you if you repeat such.

Article Distribution

You can now submit them once you are done with writing content articles that are not plagiarized. Everyone in internet marketing would tell you that you can submit your articles in two ways. You can do this either manually or automatically. You can submit your articles automatically through software or an article distribution service.

A direct recommendation is to avoid submitting your articles manually. This is true except when you know of extremely important sites that you are absolutely sure they will receive your articles.

The automatic method is better when it comes to submitting your articles to a large number of article directories. Thus, it is better you use both. Then, you have the option of not limiting yourself. You can use either an article submitter software or an article distribution service.

At any rate, you shouldn’t be too quick in purchasing the first software you come across. You can find several distributing software with different prices as well as features to choose from. For one thing, you can obtain useful suggestions when you visit forums. Overall, you can find more about the best software to use. Writing content articles as well as submitting them is a great motivation factor for your website.