standard The Importance Of Passion For Your Work To Super Succeed


It doesn’t matter whether your field of expertise is simple or complex. You will not meet success unless you have passion for your work. Becoming wealthy or reaching any of your life goals will be impossible if you don’t have passion for your work.

We are reviewing the importance of passion in this article and what it can be transformed into. This will help us correct our headings so that we reap maximum benefits.

1) The Passion Freeway

How important is passion to you? Will it lead you to somewhere? As Nancy Coey put it, “when work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.”

You make a good salary for working 8 hours a day. All of your family is doing well and everything is good. Do you feel this true for you? In your soul you feel that you are stuck. The job isn’t exactly sky-rocketing. Your career is draining every bit of mental and spiritual energy out of you. A lot is missing in your job. You don’t feel passion for your work.

You won’t read about passion in any textbook or how-to manual or company memo regarding standard operating procedures. Everybody is so committed to shaping you into a perfect fit for the machine. They disregard you are a person with feelings. What’s worse, even you disregard it. You let go of the idea of passion for your work.

Question reasons for not making changes

What you need to do is question yourself: What job would you be doing if you had $1 million sitting in your account? Wouldn’t you dish that pathetic job and get involved with something that excited you and you always wanted to try?

Then, what is stopping you from changing it now? Is it pressure from your peers? Is it maybe laziness or conformity? You don’t want any trouble? Well, you are already in trouble and if you don’t wake up soon, you’ll run out of time. You’re better to get into this kind of trouble now, because it is high time you came to your senses. The ones that bring you passion for your work.

Lots of people were put out of work during the last recession. Some of them switched jobs and out of the blue realized that they were finally doing what they love. These are people who are now very successful in their newly discovered professional interests.

Why do you have to wait for some external helping hand to throw you out of your average life so you start thinking about passion for your work?

It’s up to you to make that decision. Do you want to live and work with passion and make your life worth something? The Passion Freeway is an extraordinary journey. Wealth is only one of the sights you’ll be seeing along the way! Prepare for your life’s trip!

2) Discovering your Real Passion

You have finally made the decision to break your 9-to-5 job’s chains of boredom. You wish to experience life with completeness and passion and start getting all the riches awaiting at the end of the journey. Ready to discover the passion for your work?

Follow these simple instructions, to make the feelings flow inside you

Translate what your body is telling you. How do you feel when you are at work? Are you constantly tensed and in pain? Do you experience a lot of stress-related symptoms? Are you filled with so much boredom that you nap in your chair? You can’t keep your eyes from the clock as it gets closer to lunch time?

Then, your job is not right for you. You just lack passion for your work. Working on a field that you have passion for makes all your stress-related physical pain disappear. You’ll suddenly start working overtime without complaining or discussing your new job with friends and family all the time. You’ll be simply bursting with life.

List forgotten talents

What was your favorite thing to do during childhood? What charmed you then may hide a true passion. Then, comes school and family expectations to distract us from our real talents. What was it for you? Maybe riding motorcycles, playing the guitar or running?

Perhaps then, a job in the automotive, or music or sports industries is what you should be pursuing! So, relax, remember your days as a child and keep notes of what comes back to you. The things that made you happy then can do the same for you today and tomorrow.

What is your favorite thing to do now? Not all passion has to come from childhood! Maybe you have side-jobs today that hide a spark. This spark can become passion for your work. Do you fancy your side-work more than your official one?

There are so many big-shot managers who cook in restaurants or teach at night. You may be surprised to find out more about who you are than through your day job if you invest a bit more in your side job. Then, your new self may feel more passion.

3) Revitalizing Passion For Your Work

We talked about how changing jobs may be the key to revealing the real passion in you. However, it is absolutely possible that you really like your current job. It’s just that it doesn’t excite you anymore. In that case, you need to rethink yourself. Therefore, do a few things differently and see if that ignites the passion for your work you had in your beginnings.

Imagine yourself experiencing passion. How would that feel? Acute concentration, your future open wide in front of you, immense handling of your work, a body vibrant with health and a winning attitude! Now that you know the feelings, exploit them to bring back the passion for your work.

Work out for least half an hour a day. Feel the adrenaline rush in your veins. Follow a nutritious diet and don’t forget to hydrate. Stop smoking and cut back on coffee. Bring back symmetry between your physical and spiritual self by meditating or praying.

Moreover, it takes time to regain passion. You will gradually become more enthusiastic by following this advice. Passion for your work may become your vehicle to a different world. With our best wishes!