standard The Benefits Of A Home Business Virtual Office


The content in this article will discuss the benefits of a home business virtual office.  This type of office is meant for professionals who run their business from a home office.  As such, running a business in your home is comfortable and economic.  But, you may require an office which resides in a ‘business location’ as the business develops.

The perfect substitute is a home business virtual office

Anyway, you really do not require complete executive suite services or an office that is serviced.  Nor can you afford them.  Thus, you can save over 78% from the expenses of a traditional office service by choosing a home business virtual office.

Maybe, you have some experience in the following situations

“Where is the location of your office?”

For instance, you’ve persuaded your potential investor that you recognize their need during the first sales meeting.  Also, you anticipate offering a strong proposal to solve their problem.  They are okay with your expertise and you seem to be as capable as the competition.

Next, they ask about the location of your office after seeing your business card.  You immediately feel defensive because you can’t be bigger than your 8′ x 10′ home-based office.  You cannot afford or really don’t need a brick and mortar office space, but what should be done?

A home business virtual office is the perfect way to present a larger company presence.  You immediately become as big as a sky-scraper office building that resides in your city’s prominent business area.

“We can’t partner/invest in companies that are home-based.”

You have the ability to deliver services or goods that a fortune 100 company requires but they can’t partner with companies that are home-based.  So, is there a way to arrange your mail and phone that the address will be serviced around the city’s business area?  An ideal way of presenting your home-based business is with a virtual prestige address.

“Can the meeting be held at your office?”

A team meeting for a presentation or collaboration must be held.  You know the meeting needs to be moved from the office room to the living room or kitchen if more than 3 or 4 people are in attendance.

What is more, the expertise of the message you intend to deliver is damaged due to the casual surrounding.  To solve this problem, a home business virtual office offers quality meeting room facilities at affordable rates compared with conference rooms at hotels.

In addition, you might not have access to audio-visuals or white board equipment to enhance your operations in the home office meeting.  Also, you might have difficulties with the parking system.  Restrooms will definitely be required and probably food or beverage services.  Therefore, you need a lot of time and effort to organize.

Indeed, it wouldn’t be nice if your potential investors see the “dirty laundry!”  A good virtual office offers quality equipment and the required amenities for almost any kind of presentation or meeting.  Most times, these are offered with no extra meeting room fees.

What is a home business virtual office?

A home business virtual office is a service offered by several executive suites or full service providers.  These virtual offices typically provide services with various selections.  This is so that you can get the precise services that you require to promote your business.  The various plans are:

1) Only the Virtual Office Address: this deals with the use of a significant business address; mails are received, shipments are received and handled, official mails are signed.

2) Full Virtual Office that has Live Answering: deals with all the features of the plan mentioned above as well as a live custom-made phone assistant.  Furthermore, a voicemail box is included that can be accessed with a remote.

3) Full Virtual Office that has Conference Room Available and Live Answering: deals with all the features of the plan above with time for conference room.

Extra services should consists of mail forwarding to external addresses or call forwarding to external lines (i.e. mobile phones or home office).

Below is a checklist of the benefits/features that should be expected in a good virtual office:

  • An address that is significant
  • Modern upscale reception area
  • Conference rooms and common areas that are fully-equipped
  • Available association network for enhancing your external operations
  • Full secretarial and administrative support services
  • Kitchen with courtesy beverage services and vending machines

In any case, you like the comfort and economy of having your home-based business office, but you need to present an expert, business “storefront”.   You are provided an option to the customary business office or executive suite rental.   This is a home business virtual office (the executive suite provider).

Furthermore, the need to host presentations or meetings might be growing and you will want to offer a better option outside your home.  You, definitely, want a more private option than a hotel conference room.  Overall, the home business virtual office from an executive suite provider is the ideal solution for these problems.