standard Steps To Start A Candle Making Business For Huge Profit



What you love doing or have passion for, if it’s what people need, can make you a lot of money! For example, the gentleman in the image is a former pro golfer. He now sells the candles made in his business. Therefore, the art of making candles to meet people’s need is one sure business you must consider.

A candle making business requires your professional hands. Also, your intellect if you are considering venturing into a candle making business for huge profit. In fact, do this right from its production stage to the stage of delivering to the final consumer.

As for this, producing quality candles isn’t the only thing you need. You also need to have adequate knowledge. Also, the skills on how to create, determine price, promote, and order supplies. Especially, you will want to offer customer service for your candles.

This is the best information from an expert in the candle making business if you are considering venturing into a candle making business for huge profit. Moreover, make sure you read this information from start to finish.

Ways To Marketing Your Candle Making Business For Huge Profit

Candles are one of the popular products that people spend their money on. You’ll make a huge profit venturing into this market. The question here is how will you get your product to those people that want it?

Create A Plan To Get People’s Attention

In particular, people will only spend their money on what they see or know that meets their need. Create a plan to make people aware of your product (candles). For example, where to place them for sell is very important. You can create awareness and get attention from the comfort of your home. Also, a rented space, using word of mouth and using the internet as well.

Besides this, have in mind the types of candles you want to make in your candle making business. Have their pictures and place your candles on e-commerce or auction websites for sale. For one thing, promote your candle making business through the many social media platforms.

This will get you more buyers and huge profit. Get this as soon as you have your huge customer base. Likewise, buying candle making supplies in bulk should be considered for discount.

Price Determination

Sell your final product (candles) at a fair enough and affordable price to the consumer for a successful candle making business. This is one key secret to consider. Don’t forget to cover the cost of your time and supplies. You want to make a reasonable profit.

Beating Competitors

Be sure you know you are not the only candle maker in the world. Thousands of people have the same ideas as you and are doing the same as you do. The question is how would you make a huge profit in your candle making business despite the huge competition?

Maintain the Quality

Avoid the temptation of cutting corners on the quality of your product and supplies. Don’t give any chance or reason for consumers to give an opinion of poor quality. Generating sales will be a hard time if your quality is poor.

Offer Promotions: Offer promotions such as free shipping, coupon codes, etc. This is to generate more sales in your candle making business. This will give you the advantage of generating more business than your competitors.

Have 24/7 Customer Service

Human satisfaction is different and it varies too. So, be expecting issues from patronizers in your candle making business. Your priority, as a seller, is to get their forgiveness. A 24/7 quality customer service where your customers will easily contact you to work out resolutions to any issues is required. A best deal is having an outline of return policies on your website where customers can review such information.

Process of Candle Making

The art of making candles for a candle making business is very relaxing and fun-filled. Candle making is also an avenue for creativity. Avoid the irritating feeling that can overcome you after discovering your candle’s don’t form well. You need to follow these basic steps:

Consider Safety

In our daily life activities safety is very important. Likewise, in the candle making business. A must have is a handy fire extinguisher and a non-slip mat for stove placing wherever you choose to begin the creation of your product (candles). Also, special long sleeve wear nearby or available when making your candles.

Hot Wax Safety: You should be very careful of the hot wax. You have the risk of accidents such as fire outbreak and falls. Also, stains and serious skin burns. Every spilled wax should be cleaned up immediately to avoid these accidents.

Be Organized

You need to consider some stations or areas of work to show how organized you are in the process of candle making business. These three stations are known to be the best:

The preparation station,
The melting station and
The cooling station

For instance, have what you will be using in each of these important areas for your candle making business. This should be a counter close to the stove. You need your candle making utensils and supplies such as additives, thermometers, etc. in each station where they are required.

Not to mention, know the kind and type of candle you want to make in the candle making process before the time of production. This will have you ready in your candle making business. You will have all the important things you need in place.

Preparation station

The wax in block or sheet form is to be chipped off at the preparation stage for your candle making business. As a matter of fact, you can chip off chunks of wax into pieces for the melting process with a flat-head screw driver or hammer. What is more, weighing each piece of wax before melting is required. This is in order to know how much dye and scent you will need to add in the making of your type of candle.

Melting station

The melting station is where your stove and boiler will be at work. Therefore, your melting work station will likely be the stove. This melting process requires a double boiler in order to avoid scorching normal temperature of hot melted wax. Anyhow, the candle won’t hold up or form well if the wax molecular structure is being destroyed due to too much direct heat when making it.

Cooling station

Actually, the cooling of wax takes hours at the cooling station. This station should be a flat surface area and disturbance free. Most of all, no sunlight, cooling or heating system. It should have the capacity to withstand high temperatures for candles to set properly.

You may want to make use of molds in your candle making business. The cooling station is where you’ll have the wax set up for melting. In addition, just pour the melted wax immediately into the molds as soon as melting is done. Have a cookie sheet spread beneath the molds to avoid messy spills.

Take time to learn and understand how to produce it if you are considering to venture into the candle making business. You need to understand the risk involved. In particular, create and use these three candle making stations.

Follow each and every one of the tips provided in this article. Overall, this will guarantee a safe (accident free), fun-filled, efficient and profitable candle making business. Don’t just jump into it! Learn and know these important steps first.