standard Steps For A Newbie To Build A Website With Joomla


For the people who want to build a website with Joomla, this guide will help you with the process. Indeed, Joomla is one of the top content management systems available today. Since it was licensed under the GPL, anyone can use it on their website for free.

Moreover, Joomla is a professional and quality product that is quite easy to use. As such, this has led to a large increase in the number of persons who choose to create their own website.

Here are the steps to build a website with Joomla

-Domain Name

Obtain a domain name (Buy a new domain name, buy an old domain, reuse one of your domain names or create a subdomain for your new website).

-Hosting account

If you do not have a hosting account, create one. In addition, ensure your domain name registrar has the correct DNS settings for your hosting company.

-Create a MySQL database

Save the database name, the user name to log in to the database, and the password.

-FTP Layer

If you want to use Media Manager, create an ftp account that is related to the root directory of your site. Then, write down the username and password.

-Download Joomla

Download the recent version to build a website with Joomla and upload it to your host. Thereafter, place it at the root level of where your site will be. Joomla can be downloaded at

-Unzip the Joomla file

-Install joomla

Enter your domain name using your browser. This will start the installation script.

Afterwards, configure the ftp layer to have access to the Media Manager. The next step is to respond to the questions in the installation script.

Continuing, you’ll need to delete the installation directory. Easily, new versions of Joomla provide a button for you to achieve this. Alternatively, you can remove it from the root directory of your site.

-Configure the site’s appearance

Given that, choose the best template for your website and install it.

Anyhow, go to a search engine and type “Joomla template 1.x”, where x is the version number for the Joomla you installed. Check multiple models until you find the one closest to what you need.

Considering this, some templates are free and others must be purchased. Get the template you want and install. Specifically, go to the Joomla backend and choose Install/Uninstall from the Extensions menu. Install your template.

After you do this, select the Template Manager under Extensions and click the new template. Set up everything you can on this home screen. Nonetheless, many older templates expect that you assign a specific name to the header and place it in a specific location for use.

Remember, the beauty of a content management system is that the appearance of a website is totally different from the content. Albeit, you can change the templates later quite easily.

-Add some content

In any case, decide how your content will be organized on the site. What is the name of the main categories and each subcategory? All the same, once you’ve decided how the content will be organized, create this category structure. Visit the category manager to create that structure.

-Write some articles and save them in the appropriate categories on the site. Post the articles.

-Install the extensions you need when you build a website with Joomla.

Being that, extensions include forms, membership site extensions, blogs, forums, photo galleries, event managers, hotel reservations, publishers, documentation and directories. With this in mind, there are over 6,000 extensions at your disposal.

At this juncture, you know the basic steps to build a website with Joomla and you are ready for the task of completing it.

For greater detailed Joomla tutorials, Joomla How-tos For Beginners, visit Siteground. With a little practice, you will be able to build a website with Joomla as well as any professional.