standard Selling Your Art Online With Your Own Impressive Website



Do you think of selling your art online and making a huge business impact? Then you have to up your game by developing your own website if your answer is yes.

I don’t mean building a website from a free website builder provided to you by your Internet service provider. Also, not any of those free website providers. I am referring you to own a professional website with a unique domain name in line to your business idea.

It’s never a good thing to use a free design service when selling your art online. This is because the company that provides the free service can do whatever they like with your site. They own your website page, they can even advertise on it.

Unrelated banner advertising and popup windows that you can usually find on free websites are very unprofessional. They distract visitors from your art and that could be very annoying.

You are also at the risk of your website provider going out of business. All your efforts and time you spent promoting that free site is gone.

The worst-case situation that could occur when you have your own unique domain name is that you would have to change hosting accounts. Your customers can still reach your site when your domain name remains unchanged.

Create your own website for selling your art online

Show your customers that you are professional and serious with your business when you are selling your art online. You have to own your own website with a unique domain name. Plus it also looks wonderful on business cards!

Just imagine you giving out your business cards at art shows or to other interested people for selling your art online. It’s going to be difficult for your customer to remember. It’s not professional if you have a very long domain name printed on the cards.

You need your brand unique website to enjoy online transactions conveniently. Take for instance a situation where you meet a person who is interested in seeing your work while you are touring the world and your portfolio is not handy. It’s a sure bet your business just lost a potential customer.

Your potential customer can always visit your website where you are selling your art online. They are able at his or her own convenience to view your work once they have your nice business card with your website address printed on it.

It really does not matter whether they live around the corner or on another part of the world. As long as your website is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

You will have to take the first step now that you know the benefits of having your own website. That is to register your domain name (

Register your own domain

Registering your own domain name is simple and very affordable today. I’d like to recommend a site called to you for your registration. They are among the lowest priced domain registration services online at around $9 for the whole year. This was the price at the time of writing this article.

You can begin your website design once your domain name is registered. You can do it yourself or hire a web designer. Here are some general guidelines for selling your art online whichever method you choose:

Ideas for  a compelling site

I will advise you do not load your site with lots of fancy graphics or long multimedia presentations. These will only annoy and distract visitors away from your art. This also increases the amount of time it takes for pages to download. Keep your site clean and simple for selling your art onlne.

You want to make sure that your site navigation can be easily followed for selling your art online. You want it consistent all through the entire site.

Create an easy contact for your visitors to contact you for selling your art online. Put a “contact” or “contact us” link on every page in clear view.

Also, you can do away with animated graphics, moving text, or other animated features on your website.

You should make all of the links on your site standard colors and underlined. Blue is for unvisited links, purple for visited.

A truly great resource

Resources for ‘Do It Yourself Web Design’ – There are many places online where you can learn HTML and web design completely free. One of my favorite sites is W3 Schools –

W3 Schools is a wonderful site packed with lots of great information on HTML and web design. The tutorials are informative and very easy to follow.

There are also a handful of great books you can buy that will give you a good all around introduction to web design. It is convenient if you are not the type who enjoys learning online.

You can just head over to a site like Amazon and do a search for “beginner web design”. Find books that have high-quality feedback ratings from clients. You should head through the feedback to make sure the book is the right fit for your practice level.

You can create your own impressive website if you desire to learn how. Furthermore, there are step-by-step tutorials that will guide you to save a great deal of money.

Selling your art online comes with a unique kind of pride knowing you came up with your own unique design. To your lifelong success!