standard Self-Publish Your Own Product For Others To Sell For You


A popular means to make money on the internet is to self-publish your own product. E-books and software are two examples of products that sell very well in the market.

I will focus more on e-books to self-publish your own product in this article.  However, most of the techniques in this post can also be applied to publish software.

Imagine you are looking for ways to use the internet to earn cash, but you are confused of how to go about it or where to begin. Becoming an affiliate is a good option. Even so, it requires prior knowledge on how to drive traffic to your site.

Write your own e-book

It also requires some online marketing skills you may not possess. So, what other option do you have to make money on the internet?

A proven great alternative is to gather information about a particular topic. Choose a topic that you are interested in or have knowledge on and write an e-book. Something short or brief. It could be a few pages of 20-30 containing valuable information. Then, you can add more quality to the e-book with some  graphics to make it more attractive.

You can also include quality pictures that will describe the information you are passing to your readers. This is so they will understand the concept easily. Now, you have decided to write a short e-book and include some graphics. What do you need to do next to self-publish your own product so you can start making money?

What to do to self-publish your own product

Using a computer – if you have one – is the easiest and less expensive way to self-publish your own product (e-book or software). You can also visit the public library to use their computer in the mean time before you get yourself one.

Microsoft Word/Works is great for typing/editing

You can write all the information you have for your readers. Then, type it through a text editor such as Microsoft Words or Microsoft Works. Don’t forget, you can learn almost everything on YouTube; it has so much video instructions.

Images for your book

You can easily insert pictures or images using any of this program on the document you’re working on. But, you may not have the pictures you want to use on a storage device. There is the option where you can upload the hardcopy to your computer. This would require you to have a scanner or have access to one.

Getting images to use for your book is also easy. There are numerous clip art sites that offer you several pictures for free and Google images is also free. Thus, this saves you the stress of creating your own images. Also, you can use paint – a default Microsoft program – in creating images when you want to self-publish your own product.

Converting your file

Once you have the text form of the e-book, the next thing to do is convert the file to another format. You need to use this new format to self-publish your own product as well as sell to your customers.

Since you plan on selling your product to different people that make use of different computers and operating system (OS), the file has to be compatible.

Adobe Reader is popular for pdf

When you want to self-publish your own product (e-book), PDF is one of the best formats to use. This is a standard format for Adobe Reader. A lot of people make use of Adobe Reader and the program is compatible with most computers.

The next thing on your mind will be how to convert your document from text format to PDF. Worry not; you can easily do this using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works.

After completing your document, click the save button. Locate File in the top left corner of your PC and click on it. Now, locate Publish to PDF, and click on it. After clicking, your document will be converted from text to PDF automatically.

Most computers have Adobe Reader installed on them from the factory. So, there is no need to worry if your user’s computer has a program that can read PDF formats. The nice thing about this method is that it is easy, and you don’t have to spend a dime.

Set up your our own website

The next thing you need to self-publish your own product is a website. You also need a registered domain name.  One suggestion is to visit to get one. A domain name is your website address; this is what your visitors will make use of in finding you. You will pay about $2.99  for .info if you also need a hosting account.

Website hosting is a space on a server. All serious sites need to pay a server to host their website. Hosting plans on start at $2.49 each month. That’s pretty cheap.

So to self-publish your own product and have it ready for your prospective customers less than $6 and some couple of hours of work is all you need. After setting up your site with them, you can build a homepage for your website.

You can get a site builder program from them for just $15. Moreover, you can use this tool in creating other websites in the future.

Join an affiliate network for others to sell your product

Another popular technique you can use to promote your product is affiliate networks. Joining an affiliate network gives you the opportunity to reach different potential affiliates who are able and ready to promote your product.

The set back to this approach is the competition. Thousands of merchants like yourself are in competition for this method on many effective affiliates networks.

So, how do affiliates work and how can they help after you self-publish your own product? Affiliates spend their time and effort in promoting your product and receive commission for it. You decide on the commission and pay only when they generate sales.

Offering high commissions will increase sellers

To beat your competition, a useful tip will be to offer huge commissions. This will attract affiliates to market and sell your products. What’s important to know is that affiliates can help you generate the traffic you need. Do not forget this when thinking of how much you should pay as commission.

For instance, assuming you want to sell your e-book for $30. And, you are offering affiliates a commission of 30%. You pay an affiliate $9 each time they sell one of your products, and you are left with $21. This amount is optional, and you can decide on the amount you pay them for every sale.

There are several affiliate networks you can be part of. One of them is ClickBank has over 100,000 affiliates that can help you drive sales after you self-publish your own product.

You can use another affiliate network, but most people make use of ClickBank. The method in this article is only one of the many marketing strategies you can use to promote your product and increase sales.

I hope the information you find here is useful and you now know how you can self-publish your own product. Now that you have the basic information you need to begin, why not try it out. Many individuals are making money on the internet on a daily basis from selling their own products online.