standard A Proven Franchise Business Opportunity For Success – Top Five Less Than $13,000


Below you will find a franchise business opportunity that you can start for less than $13,000. Research will show you that these five businesses have a high success rate. At any rate, you must give your search some time and effort when you’re looking for a successful franchise business opportunity.

Indeed, this isn’t something one does thinking they’ll get some easy money without giving it much of their energy. The right opportunity must first be discovered by you. Even more, you must have analyzed how profitable the business is for others. Next, you must have met the franchisor and signed the franchise agreement. Now, it’s time to delve into the difficult part.

The hardest time to manage a franchise business opportunity is often the first year. In the first year, you will learn the necessary skills that will make your franchise business opportunity a success. You will also find out more on your weaknesses and your strengths during this time.

The first thing you need to ask yourself before starting any business is if you are prepared for hard work. Running a business is far different from being employed by someone. You must be prepared to deal with any problem that may come up when you are the owner of a business.

You must be willing to work hard and learn new skills with a franchise business opportunity

Therefore, you must also learn new skills. Of course, the franchisor will give you the compulsory initial training that every franchisee will need to go through. But your training doesn’t stop there.

In any event, you will discover that you need to learn some other skills after you start running your franchise business. It is highly important that these skills are learned as soon as possible to make your business opportunity a success.

The franchisor will also be on hand to help you with any problem that you may have. Your success is their success so they will do all they can to help you succeed. Communicate any issue you may have with them and they will gladly help you out.

Also, keep in contact with the other franchises. Especially, those that have been in the business before you. They will help you with knowledge that has been gleaned from the running of the business. You will overcome any obstacle that other people have faced when just starting your franchise business opportunity. Moreover, this is highly possible with the help of mentors.

It is good for you to have someone that has been running the franchise business for years. You will also benefit with someone that has started the business the same time as you did. Your franchise business will take off smoothly if you follow all that has been written above.

Brazilian Springs

Water is a product that everyone is in need of. You will get access to funding, support and training if you are a distributor of Brazilian Springs. This company also gives you business plan development help. You can become a Brazilian Springs distributor for less than $10,000.

The Back Rubber

You will be bringing relief to so many people if you invest in a Back Rubber franchise business opportunity. All you need is $7,495 to become a Back Rubber franchise business opportunity investor. You can even have a locator place the massage chairs for you if you don’t want to do any face-to-face selling.


Vendstar machines provide nuts, candy and gum to customers. The machines can be found in airports, schools, malls, office buildings, colleges, train stations etc. The demand for their products has been steady no matter the current economic situation. You can invest in Vendstar machines for less than $10,000 if you are in need of a franchise business opportunity that won’t cost much.

Tini Toys, Inc

You get to be around toys all day long if you invest in Tini Toys. It is a franchise business opportunity that allows you to make money for every toy you sell. You can put your Tini Toy display at cafes, bookshops, hospital gift shops, departmental stores and other places. You can invest in this franchise business opportunity with $13,000.

The Drug Test Consultant (DTC)

Drug use is a problem plaguing alot of society. You can play your part in getting rid of this menace. You can make money while also making a lasting impact with a Drug Test Consultancy franchise business opportunity. All you need
is $7,995 to $9,995.

Hopefully, reading this information will help you in finding your place to work from home with a successful franchise business opportunity. Accomplish due diligence to make sure of all possibilities for it to be just right for you. Wishing you the best.