standard Practice Being Grateful To Attract More Abundance


Gratefulness is a magnet that will attract more abundance.  This article contains ideas to include this plan into your daily life to have more abundance.

Experts in the field of positive psychology have clinically proven that gratefulness, as a part of everyday routine for seven days, can result in positive benefits for six months and more.

Gratitude has been practiced by spiritual gurus for centuries to attract more abundance.  Actually, personal development experts believe that practicing gratitude is a failure-proof mantra for abundance, joy and success.

How can you attract more abundance by showing gratitude?

It’s to stop thoughts of ungratefulness and being grateful towards the tiniest of blessings.  You have been blessed with more things than you can fathom.  Hopefully, you will think to recognize them and be thankful for being blessed with them.

Even when you believe you are falling and will never be able to get up, there will still be things the universe is spontaneously blessing you with.  Some you know of and some you don’t even realize.

That is why it’s impossible for you to not be able to find things you should be grateful for.

Life may not be going according to your plans and looks like it is letting you down.  At that point, turn your attention to look at things that you should already be grateful for to attract more abundance.

People generally ignore the lesson of gratitude

They go on thinking of themselves as being victims of unfairness and cruelty.  However, all they have to do is open their eyes and look around for all the blessings they ought to show gratitude for.

Look around, you will realize that there are more than fifty things that you can show your gratitude for.  Once you choose to be grateful, your life will attract a lot of positive energy, feelings and thoughts.

Clinical psychological studies prove that gratitude stimulates spiritual connection as well.

For instance, think of the car you drive for work or any kind of transportation.  Although, you may not be able to afford transportation.  But you still have the ability to walk when there are people out there who need help to even stand.  Yet, they show gratitude for the littlest of things.

Furthermore, you can show your gratitude for every tiny thing.  Even for the technology that brings home information to you.

Everyone takes most life’s necessities for granted.  Not to mention, there is the food that you are blessed with two or three times a day.  There are also the midnight snacks, friends you are surrounded with, and the apparel that fills your wardrobe.

These are things you ought to be grateful for.  Yet, don’t feel guilty about taking all these things for granted until now.  Start today and count your blessings.

Showing gratitude is a choice granted on every human being to attract more abundance

You can start now by counting the little blessings you are surrounded with.  Things that you believe are your right.  As for this, you can adopt gratitude as a part of your daily lifestyle.

Then, you will start to see, in a course of 21 days or less, that you will be happier, more joyful and at peace than you were before.

If you are having troubled times, you can counter-attack them by adopting the habit of gratitude in your life this instant.

Gratitude will help MAKE YOUR TROUBLES LOOK MEANINGLESS and will help you find solutions to your problems without worrying.

On the other hand, the media makes sure to bring negativity in our lives most of the times.  To get rid of these negative thoughts, practicing gratitude is a must.

Practice this path by penning down your blessings to attract more abundance

This helps the majority of the people to feel more grateful.  Naming your blessings will help you come out of the uncomfortable state of mind you are in.  As such, your thinking can be transformed into being thoughtful, calm and composed.

Get started with ten blessings.  Jot down ten blessings onto a piece of paper or maintain a diary where you can jot down your thoughts every single day.

You may even feel that you have no hope left in life or are spiraling into depression.  At this point, adopting the habit of being grateful will change your destiny.  Bringing in a ray of hope.

The changes may not even seem to be noticeable at first.  But then your life will little by little attract more abundance.

It counts blessings both big and small that anyone and everyone can be thankful for.  Especially, those who are unable to get out of a life that has very little purpose.  Problems, in the first place, are created by ourselves leading to worry, complaints and grief.  No matter the circumstance, recognizing blessings will make the difference.

Likewise, it’s best to start this journey this very instant.  You should put aside every other thing that you are now doing.

Start showing gratefulness, attract more abundance and see the positive changes that take over your life.

Below is a list to help you get started on the journey of gratefulness

At any rate, do make sure you pen down your very own blessings.

1. Living in a society that helps and cares for each other.

2. Owning the latest gadgets or even gadgets that are old yet still useful.

3. The time to do what you love, reading, playing, spending time with family.

4. Being blessed with plentiful food everyday.  You being alive is proof.

5. Having shelter and protection.

6. The beauty of nature.  Choosing to be happy at all times even without being a millionaire.  Monetary benefits are not the route to happy living.

7. Body parts that work well.  Eyes that can see, a nose that can breathe, a tongue that can speak, ears that can hear, hands that can work, legs that can walk, a heart that beats and the list goes on.

8. Being bestowed with Education and knowledge.

9. Someone who loves me.  Be it, friends or family.

10.  Eyes to watch movies I immensely enjoy.

Some of these blessings may relate to you, some may not

Granted, there might be some blessings that are specifically tailored for you and not for me.  It’s time for you to find those blessings.

You won’t be deprived or punished if you ignore these blessings.  But if you do sincerely appreciate these blessings, it will attract more abundance and joy leading to a more successful life.

Be grateful towards your blessings solely for yourself.  Start your day with gratitude and continue to adapt the gift of gratitude every single day.  Moreover, you will be able to see drastic changes in your life resulting in a more fulfilling life.

Don’t wait to start jotting down a big list of things you are grateful for today to attract more abundance.  The more chances you integrate of adopting gratefulness in your life this instant, the easier life will get for you.  All problems will find a solution and you will be able to cross every challenge.

You will easily be able to absorb yourself in your blessings and attract more abundance.  In fact, practicing gratitude is in itself a blessing.  A gift only very few practice.

Above all, make gratitude your daily habit and reap the benefits of a more positive, healthy and happy life.  A life that attracts more abundance and joy.