standard Practical Advice To Start A Garden Service Business


You may be someone that loves gardening and have been doing it as a hobby. Then, it’s time to turn that hobby into a garden service business that will generate a lot of revenue for you. So, you make money while doing what you love.

What Does a Garden Service Business Entail?

Now, you may be wondering what you would be doing in your garden service business, right? In this business, you can render various services such as garden planning, garden design, weeding and grass cutting, etc. It’s left for you to decide the area(s) you would like to specialize on.

With the above in mind, you can start a garden service business of your choice. Write down the service(s) you would like to render. Let’s say for instance, you are very meticulous and good at designing gardens. This is an opportunity to render such services to people who want to have their dream garden designed.

It is important to note that your clients may want to know your qualifications. Especially, they would want to see your previous designs, so try and get some sample designs ready beforehand.

There are other services you can render. These may include a garden planting service and/or maintenance. In this case, you would give your clients professional advice on different kinds of plants. You would also help them make the right choices and then help them plant and care for the plants.

On the other hand, you may offer to maintain your client’s existing garden. You can schedule time for weeding and grass cutting. There are lots of things to do in a garden service business.

How Do I Get Started?

You need to have all the necessary tools to establish a garden service business. The driving force here is your passion for gardening. Likewise, you have to be knowledgeable about plants and gardening to be successful in this garden service business.

It is also important that you increase your knowledge by taking some formal course on gardening. You could also study gardening books, or take some home-study course on gardening.

The next step is to make sure you meet all the legal requirements of your state/country. Go to the appropriate office and find out what you should do to be in compliance.

How Do I Find Clients?

The most important thing is to be good at what you do. You should always improve yourself and make sure you serve your clients well. If your clients are satisfied with your work, they will recommend you to their friends and family members.

You have to start by telling people about your garden service business and send flyers out. You can also place stickers on your car (containing your logo and contact details). Then, you can place adverts in your local newspapers, and keep your contact or flyers with local garden centers or garden nurseries.

You can make a deal with these garden centers by promising to buy plants from them. Thus, you can do this in exchange for them to tell their customers about your services. You may even be allowed to place your flyer on their bulletin board because of this deal.

A garden service business is a very lucrative business with lots of potentials. All you need is the passion and love for gardens.