standard Newbies’ Tips To Set Up a Facebook Fan Page


Creating a Facebook fan page is to set up a Facebook profile for your business. Did you recently start a new business and you are wondering how to get your business across to customers? Then, you should consider creating a Facebook fan page. While you can simply create a Facebook profile for your business, in no time Facebook will most likely remove your profile thereby leaving your prospects and customers with no connection to you.

Chances are that Facebook will bring down the profile you created for your business. So, why not create a business Facebook fan page. Creating a fan page gives you the opportunity to sell your business. It’s also a time and place to relax with your prospects and customers. Your prospects and customers will find it easy to associate with you. Furthermore, they will also help push your business forward by sharing the page with the people they know.

However, there are a few things you should consider before creating a Facebook fan page. First, you need to ask yourself the purpose of the fan page. What do you hope to achieve by creating a fan page? Do you want to create a fan page just because you want to sell more? Then, you are getting it all wrong if that’s your purpose.

What will your prospects gain?

Social media platforms today do help to promote the brand of businesses and help increase sales. That being said, your prospects can tell if you brought your business online just so you could sell more. Your prospects are checking your page and wondering what they will achieve or gain by following your page or doing business with you. This is just like every other social media platform.

It’s left for you to come up with a plan and figure out what to give to your prospects and how. A typical Facebook fan page provides resources, vouchers and helpful tips to customers. As such, there’s a need for you to know what your clients want. Decide what you will give them before creating your fan page.

What you should include in your Facebook fan page

You have now decided what you aim to achieve with your Facebook fan page. Your next step is to create it. Start by signing in to your Facebook account. You should sign in with the account that will be linked to your fan page.

Select a brand name that will entice and appeal to your prospects. For example, the famous business Victoria’s Secret created a Facebook fan page for their new design, Victoria’s Secret Pink not for their brand. They created the fan page to target the audience who are likely to buy the products (females in college).

Then, you should upload a photo of high quality to your Facebook fan page which will depict your logo or show one of your products. You have already chosen your page name and the category it falls under. Ensure to select an image that will entice costumers towards your brand. Then, go on your website and copy your about page. Paste it on the information tab.

An RSS feed can automatically add your latest post

Also, you can add reviews from your customers to your Facebook fan page. Even more, you can also import the posts to the notes section on your page using RSS if you have a company’s blog. That is, your blog posts will be posted automatically on your fan page wall.

Furthermore, you can use static FBML if you are looking to add a custom made landing page. Next, click on the left-hand side using the search bar. You will find ‘Add to My Page,’ then click on it. This will include an application on your Facebook fan page which will allow you to post HTML code and have it displayed to your fans.

Now that you have created your fan page, don’t leave it blank. You should write posts and update it three to five times a week so you can increase your fan base. Wishing you the best Facebook fan page to grow your success!