standard Networking Skills: Power Tips For Your Business


The potential of networking skills has been overlooked by the business community because of reliance on various advertising to find business prospects for many years.

However, the owners of small businesses have finally understood the potential of this power-packed set of skills.  Moreover, their networking skills are doing wonders for their businesses in every field.

What is networking?

To make it easier to understand, you can consider networking to be like word-of-mouth.  The difference is that this advertising is done only by you and not by your clients.  Speaking on a higher level, certain networking groups are arranged for this exact purpose.

People from different businesses interact with each other and discuss their services or products.  Such networking groups are aimed to bring business owners together.  This is so that potential partnerships might emerge from there.

If you are an owner of a small business, it might be a little challenging to put your skills to use.  As you will face various hurdles along the way.  Here is a list of useful tips and strategies that you can adopt to reap the best of your networking skills.

What are the benefits of networking skills?

As mentioned in the beginning, the potential of networking skills is an unexplored territory for many small business owners.  You must be aware of the advantages of networking.  You want to be ready to grab the opportunity whenever you see one.

There are no charges.  It is solely dependent on how good you are with words and utilizing your time.

Networking works its magic when used with the precise target audience and amazingly, networking can only be initiated in such an audience.  As such, no hard work will go to waste.  You will be networking and creating links with the precise audience.

As networking skills are used in face to face discussions, you get a bigger chance to address inquiries and clear confusions right at the spot.  As a result, you develop a better sense of understanding with your partner.

When you understand business networking, you can enter a bigger market where business owners from other industries are also present.  This means that you have the opportunity to get in contact with future potential prospects as well.

Opportunities you can find for networking

Government-owned advice agencies

Many governments around the world assist the new and small business owners by bringing potential prospects closer to each other.  They arrange networking sessions where you can use your networking skills and connect with like-minded people.

Local business chambers

You can find a good deal of opportunities to cash your skills in networking if you look around in your local neighborhoods.  A business club or even a BNI group can turn out to be the right place to start networking.

You can host a few meetings and it will be amazing to see the potential in these meetings.  You can put your networking skills to use and reap some good prospects from these opportunities.

Networking skills at trade associations of your industry

Another high prospect opportunity market can be the trade associations of your industry.  Suppose you’re into the business of making utensils.  There must a trade union or association of this industry that will arrange their meetings.

If you have good networking skills, you can make useful and productive rapport there.  You might even find some experienced entrepreneurs who can help you in sorting things out.


Seminars are among the top opportunities where you can practice your networking skills.  Here, you can gain some invaluable information for your small business. You can look for the speakers or some worthy prospects attending during the tea or lunch break.

Start a conversation about the information shared in the session.  You can share your ideas and learn how other people tend to use the fresh information to improve their businesses.

The canvas is limitless for networking skills

The opportunities mentioned above are just a few where you can begin.  If you are good with networking, you can steer a conversation towards your business in no time.  So, whenever you talk with people, try to look out for hints.

If you see them, use your networking skills and charm them with your knowledge.  Who knows, you might even land a sale during the friendly conversations.

Best time for a networking meeting

If you are wondering what could be a good time for your networking meeting, the answer is simple.  Whenever you believe you can “Work the room”.  Some people prefer to hold these meetings in the morning because it is a time when the mind is fresh.

If they learn something new, they can try implementing the knowledge during the day.  However, this is not true for everyone as not everyone is a morning person.

So, be it over dinner, lunch, or breakfast, just be mindful of networking when you do so.

Remember!  It is not about the food, its about the discussions.  Therefore, keep it simple.

How to attend a networking meeting

There is no rocket science in attending and benefiting from a networking meeting.  You just need to be prepared in certain fields and you will be all set to go.  You should be mentally prepared for using your networking skills and look for prospects.  Here is a small list of things to do before and while attending a networking meeting.

Study your product for best networking skills

This is the most important thing you must do before attending any networking meeting.  No matter how good you are with networking, you should have useful information to discuss while speaking.  Don’t expect to attend a networking meeting and not talk to anyone about what you do or sell.

Rehearse your opening line

Rehearsing your opening line is important because a networking meeting is all about making the first impression.  When asked, you should be able to introduce yourself with a catchy line that is both easy to remember and attractive for the listener.

It might sound easy but if you do it while talking to some experienced businessmen, things might be a little challenging.

When you have decided what the opening line of your introduction is, you need to practice its delivery.  This encourages your confidence and charm to open the way for you to use your networking skills.  Otherwise, people might not find you interesting enough to continue the chat.

Networking skills include business cards

Always remember to stack up your business cards in your pocket.  You will be giving out a boatload of them.  If you run out of your business cards, imagine how interesting that would be.  You might end up giving your contact details on a napkin which won’t look anything professional.

Be punctual

Show up on time at the venue by being extra careful about the invitation details.  There is a lot that depends on your punctual arrival.  You can get accustomed to the environment before the others arrive and you can get freshened up as well.

Be presentable

Remember, you are a businessman who always looks and smells good.  Your visual image is half of your attraction and charm.  Your networking skills will come in later.  Be neat, be tidy, and most importantly, be confident about your dressing.

Networking skills at the venue!

Overall, as a new business owner, it might be a daunting challenge to interact with people at a networking meeting and practice your networking skills.

Just reach the venue in time and choose a good location from where you can observe the event.  You will slowly build up your confidence as you will be fully equipped to start any conversation.  As a result, use your networking skills to steer it to your desired point.