standard Increase Your Sales When You Think Outside The Box


Think outside the box may sound cliché. Anyhow, you really need to do that to increase your sales in a dynamic world as ours. How do innovators think outside the box? How can you replicate them? What to do we mean by “box” after all? We sure have to know what the box is before we can think outside of it.

The box is the thought pattern we are accustomed to. It is also the conventional ways we approach a problem and our general mindset when faced with puzzling challenges. The best approach when thinking outside the box is to identify and ditch conventional approaches, beliefs, mindsets and assumptions.

A classic example was when a particular brand was faltering in sales years ago. Everything seemed to be hitting the rocks. Promotions, lowering gift prices, getting better shelf placement and virtually all other “in the box” solutions brought no upturn.

Increase your sales by increasing your price

Then, someone challenged these conventional approaches and said. “What if we stopped the promotions and just raised the price?”

Just to see what the changes would be, the price was slightly raised, and staggering results emerged. Sales took an upward spiral. As it turned out, buyers actually wouldn’t want to cash in on an extremely pricey product sold by the brand. But, they also did not want overly cheap ones too. A middle margin sounded great.

Thus, with the brand setting up their prices just appropriately, the right sales results were gotten. Now, imagine if you adopted the same strategy for your ailing product sales and end up doubling to increase your sales. That’s what happens when you think outside the box!

Think about ‘what if’

A great way to get creative solutions to increase your sales is to “think the absurd.” Sure, this can be annoying and difficult, depending on how open-minded you are. But, taking a cue from the benefits of thinking outside the box may be all that you need in reaching unprecedented goals to increase your sales.

Getting started to increase your sales is simple. Make absurd assumptions and find ways to harmonize the upsides that you can make of them. If you want to think outside the box, “What if” is a powerful question you’ll want to start asking today!

Increase high sales clients

What if your carpet cleaning outfit was better off doing business with fewer clients? As absurd as this may sound, trying it out may not be as hurtful as feared. You may actually increase your sales if each customer was worth three times as much. How possible is that?

If you had clients with theaters, offices, and convention halls, you’ll potentially make more money than you would with houses. You would also have fewer headaches too. This is since commercial jobs involve large easy-to-clean spaces.

Increase your leads

What if you double down efforts on getting leads to increase your sales with such jobs? Now that looks like an incredibly savvy move, right? That’s how you think outside the box!

Another way to leverage thinking outside the box is to really get out of the box! Get out of your comfy house or cozy workspace. Look at what others are doing differently and how they do it.

For example, onboard a bus in South America, it’s not uncommon to find salesmen let everybody hold their product while they do a sales pitch. After which you either pay to keep the product or return it. It’s been a heck of an effective strategy.

So, how could you take a cue from this for your business? Thinking outside the box can be surprisingly effective. With upsides outweighing unlikely downsides, you sure have every reason to think outside the box in propelling your brand to increase your sales. Today!