standard How You Can Make Money Without Your Own Business Website



You should know that you can make money despite not owning a professional website if selling online is what you are after. Several places exist that will help your products appeal to larger markets. However, you may wish to avoid spending all your precious resources and time creating your own website.

You could make up for a lot of time in your effort to properly prepare your business so you can earn money. Moreover, you just need to take advantage of these available places. Then, as time goes by you see that your online business makes enough money. Next, you are free to transfer your sales to your privately owned website where you can make money. Finally, you can keep all the profit to yourself.

eBay is, of course, the most widely used 3rd party for someone to distribute their products. You can make money by using this huge and powerful internet auction. It has been amazingly simple to make substantial amounts of money for lots of people. Nevertheless, all this comes with some cost. eBay imposes large fees for every successful sale.

You can make money with eBay

Still, you don’t have to be disappointed. It is fairly simple to set up an eBay online store so you can make money by auctioning your goods. The process of building your eBay showcase is as easy as opening a new account with the market giant.

Free eBay toolbox

It is feasible to begin taking orders right away on eBay where you can make money. All you have to do is pick the commodity you wish to display and enter it on eBay. The toolbox is already provided by the website free to its members.

Also, several others exist online for all platforms and all kinds of budgets. When you search, you can find ones that are free. You shouldn’t let the cost frighten you, though. The way to go is investing in 3rd party sales gadgets if you are serious about going pro with your eBay business.

You are able to reach a world wide marketplace

eBay is a wonderful way to reach a huge global marketplace. There are hundreds of millions of potential buyers, so you can make money. However, you will discover weaknesses also. First, eBay charges a commission on every transaction. You are charged for displaying your product on eBay and for making sales. You also have to account for PayPal commission when people pay you via this service.

Another successful choice is Amazon

Although eBay is good, it may not appeal to everyone. You may decide that eBay is not your thing. Further, you can always opt for the king of retail, You can go for Amazon in two ways. You can make money by selling your second-hand stuff in a way that resembles eBay listings. As a matter of fact, you can also set up a privately owned Amazon WebStore where you can make money.

The choice of method depends on not only how many sales you estimate to make. It also depends on the level of self-exposure you wish to achieve. You can make money by doing single-item sales on Amazon. Then, you will find this way cannot be taken as a real professional webpage.

You can make money via the Amazon Webstore if you wish to take full advantage of Amazon and hit the ceiling profit-wise. This feature deserves your complete attention. You enter a market of over 60 million likely buyers who will browse your products right next to Amazon’s by utilizing a WebStore.

Setting up an Amazon Webstore is easy

Building your Amazon WebStore is as easy as doing the same thing on eBay. It is certainly much easier than setting up your own webpage from the ground up. However, as is the case with eBay, there are hidden costs here too that may discourage you from becoming partners with Amazon.

Specifically, you have to pay $60/month for hosting if your field is not selling items but providing services such as marketing and publishing. In any event, you can set up your WebStore like a breeze by utilizing the in-house online toolbox. Then, you have 7% of each transaction withheld by Amazon.

In summary, you can make money with Amazon provided you can achieve a substantial sales volume. Compared to eBay, it is a much more appealing proposal. This is because it provides a similar market opening. It does have much lower charges. It allows you to earn money while employing higher margins.

How Lulu might be your choice

On a different note, you can make money by trying out if your field is not selling items but providing services such as marketing and publishing. is a pioneer in printed publishing as well as publishing without mediators. This makes it the perfect destination for anyone aspiring to profit from writing.

Lulu is home to everything that appears as art, be it journals, albums or tunes. Your job is to produce fresh ideas and persuade Lulu to materialize them. Your income comes from the sales on their webpage. Additionally, you can make money by selling your work to another online service. For example, you can make money with Amazon and/or eBay. This achieves greater market penetration.

The difference with Lulu

Compared with Amazon and eBay, Lulu appeals to a smaller market. However, it is the platform of choice to make a name for yourself where you can make money. You can invest your resources into writing, art creation and even singing.

Lulu is a wonderful option for people who are looking for ways to make money from their side avocations! Furthermore, you don’t have to go full-time on any of this if you don’t feel like it. You can create an album if you are good with a camera. You can write a story and self-publish via Lulu if you are politically opinionated. Do you have a band you have formed? Make some recordings and have Lulu sell CDs with your name on them!

Due to the fact that they charge little while having an amazingly wide customer image, you can make money. The only thing missing from their offering, to set up your web shop, is a discrete domain and total control over earnings. For these, you can’t avoid building your own professional webpage.

These are just a few of your options where you can make money, to start selling immediately, if you aren’t interested in building a personal webpage at the moment. There are a lot more options out there, although the platforms mentioned above are the money makers, resource-wise. Success to you!