standard How To Sell And Make Money In Etsy


You can sell and make money in Etsy.  It is an e-commerce website that connects people selling unique goods.  For instance, you will find handmade or vintage items and craft supplies to people looking for the same goods.  Moreover, unlike the traditional shopping websites, Etsy focuses on unique items that are not often commercially manufactured.

You will find people make money in Etsy with jewelry, clothing and accessories, vintage goods and antiques.  Indeed, there are also home embellishments, furniture, toys, and other artistic crafts.  Anybody can find something beautiful, interesting and useful from the millions of independent sellers in Etsy.

If you are a person with something to sell like your art craft, you can join and make money in Etsy.  Here, you will find someone somewhere around the world who will be interested in your product.

Make money in Etsy – How can you sell?

In order to sell and make money in Etsy, you need to create your own shop in Etsy.  This means creating or opening an account, which is free.  And to do this, simply visit the and clicking the register button.  In particular, to make it more convenient, you can use your Google or Facebook account to register.

Once you register, you have the option to create a shop or to make a purchase.  Next, after you have created a shop for selling to make money in Etsy, you then need to post the items that you sell.  Each listing that you posted in the shop costs $0.20.  Thereafter, every posting appears on the shop’s page for a maximum of 4 months, or until somebody purchases the product.

Although the prices are set by the seller, Etsy collects 5% commission fee of the sale price for each successful transaction.  Specifically, payments are primarily processed via PayPal or via debit/ credit card.  Etsy also sends a bill monthly specifying the Etsy charges.

Use digital marketing for promotion

There are different strategies that independent sellers in Etsy incorporates to improve sale generation.  For one, you should not rely on Etsy in marketing and promoting your products.

In addition, you should capitalize also on other digital marketing platforms to make money in Etsy.  Such as Facebook, Instagram and the social media to promote products and reach your market.  In this way, you can also improve you customer experience and build better rapport with your potential customers.

Do engage in Predatory Pricing

Etsy focuses on selling unique products.  Similarly, you should focus on the uniqueness on your products or what sets them apart from others.  With that in mind, competing on price by making your products cheaper is not the best way to attract customers.

For one thing, Etsy has opened its doors to bulk manufacturers that can offer products at prices that are a lot cheaper than yours.

Make your product searchable

Searchability is an important quality that your products must have in product descriptions.  You also want this quality in your campaigns, packaging, ads, promotions and other online content.  Notably, this is because the World Wide Web is so expansive and you would have to compete with products and items from all over the world.

It is therefore important to use the right key words in order to optimize your products in search engines to sell and make money in Etsy.

Make money in Etsy – Set up a Mailing List

You should create a mailing list of your customers in order to build better customer relations to make money in Etsy.  With your mailing list, you can contact your previous customers to send promotions, discounts and other new information.  This, of course, can encourage them to buy again and make more money in your Etsy store.