standard How To Make Pinterest A Source Of Driving Traffic


In this article, I will share with you how to make Pinterest a source of driving traffic. However, you can only drive traffic with Pinterest if you share your contents. Then, you will find that a huge percentage of the traffic is from Pinterest. This is what many are saying; that Pinterest is great for driving traffic to your business.

This list will show other social media platforms that you can make your source of driving traffic. But, when compared to Pinterest, the traffic you will get from other social media platforms will not really be frequent return visitors.

Specifically, create a post on your blog if you want to experiment with this. Then, post it on Twitter. Now, you may have a good following. In fact, you will see that followers will visit your site but what you won’t find is much activity. Their activities on your site will be minimal. The total time they spend on your site will be near zero.

This scenario is also the same for which is also a source for driving traffic. You may get a goodx number of visits from Reddit. Even so, it will not amount to anything. This is even if you get a call to action at your site, you won’t be able to activate. In the case of Facebook, you will find people visit your site and some of them will engage. Take note, that with Facebook, you can capture calls to action, emails, etc.

Create a link from the pin that will lead to more information

This makes Pinterest a source of driving traffic as people see Pinterest as a search engine and not really a social channel. Many followers still find them useful even when you pin useful resources for layer use. What you can do is to write a link beneath the pin to link to your website. Then, people seeking for information will get more information on your page. This makes Pinterest an important source of driving traffic.

However, you should have important information on the page the link leads to. Take caution not to pin materials that are promotional. Otherwise, information seekers will leave your site very quickly. Also, you should ensure that your content and the pin matches.

Use strategic pin planning tactics as a source of driving traffic

If you ask me, it’s not good when someone clicks on your link and finds that the information you have on your site is not related to that on the pin. They may even go as far as leaving a bad comment for others to read about you. Since people are now looking at Pinterest as a search engine, you should be able to provide matching information. This should be your approach when you are planning your pinning tactics for a source of driving traffic.

All and all, your goal is to have a source of driving traffic for you. Remember, people are looking to find specific information. In any event, make the information available with one or two ideas on your website. Then, you have a great tactic to drive traffic for a very long time.