standard How To Make Extra Money With Design Skills


You can make extra money if you have excellent design skills. Design skills include the ability to create websites, graphic images, and logos quickly and professionally. You will need to understand the basic concepts of design to impress your clients. While it is a great way to make extra money, using your design skills should be a fun activity for you. You can make extra money by offering the following services:

Logo Designer

Logos have an important role to play in branding and related marketing activities. So, they are high in demand. As such, every business needs a logo. There will be plenty of opportunities to make extra money with many businesses. You can use your design skills to create outstanding logos for them.

Sourcing for clients is not very difficult. First, you should create a portfolio with some sample astonishing logos. Then, you can spread the word regarding your logo design services on the social media and freelance job sites. You can also tell your friends about your design services.

Anyhow, you can make extra money when your satisfied clients refer more clients to you. The more jobs you complete, the more significant your portfolio becomes. Common sites online where designers offer their services include DesignCrowd and LogoArena. You can consider registering on these sites to make extra money.

Website Designer

Website design skills are in high demand. You could master these skills to make extra money using different formats available. For instance, there are services such as Joomla, WordPress, etc. My advice to designers is to become proficient in one format. Choose one that is popular and in high demand.

You can offer customization and modification of existing websites. This is also an opportunity to earn extra money. In fact, you can stand out from the competition as a website designer. First, you must understand how people navigate websites, and the features users find most appealing on websites.

You can source for clients to use your website design services on freelance job websites. Always remember, a good way to make extra money is by satisfying your clients. This will earn you referrals that can grow your business.

EBook Covers/Digital Product Graphics

EBooks are selling so fast these days. Therefore, writers are using their skills to create more books. So, they need your design skills to create eBook covers and graphics for their digital products. This is a great way to earn extra money. The common requests regarding eBook covers are aimed at making the digital products attractive. This encourages sales online.

This makes the book covers very important. EBooks with attractive graphics encourage readers to purchase them. Offering these design services is a lot of fun. Anyhow, the best part is that you can make extra money while enjoying these tasks.

Your eBook cover and graphic design services can become very popular and in high demand. But first, you need a good portfolio of some sample covers. You can also source for clients at freelance job websites. You can also interact with publishers and information marketers online. Furthermore, you can tell your friends and family about your new business.

Hopefully, you have one of these design skills. You should never ignore them and develop these skills. Your skills can be used to make extra money in addition to your regular job. Remember, this opportunity can grow into a full time schedule.