standard How To Make And Sell T-Shirts With Amazing Slogans and Designs


I bet you are interested in learning how to make and sell T-shirts with amazing slogans. Well, designers and customers can now create personalized products with independent manufacturers when using an online marketplace like

Furthermore, you can make and sell T-shirts, stickers, mugs, etc. on without carrying stocks yourself. Also, it is permitted to use pictures from participating companies.

There is no lower limit, no fees to pay upfront, and no stock to store. You don’t pay for anything if you don’t sell anything.  So, as a freelancer, how can you utilize this opportunity to make and sell T-shirts?

If you are pretty good with a pen, then you can use this opportunity in making money. All you need to do is create cool slogans, designs and humorous comments on T-shirts, mugs, stickers, and so on.

Brainstorming can lead your way

Lucky for you, you may end up becoming the brain behind the next fashion trending T-shirt. Therefore, do lots of brainstorming and create some amazing pop culture T-shirts in different varieties of colors and styles.

You also have to know your target audience when producing a T-shirt. You could use T-shirts produced for females. For instance, there are spaghetti straps, baby dolls and so on if you are targeting a female audience.

You also have to consider the color of the shirt to make and sell T-shirts. In as much as colors are attractive, wrong color combinations can cause color conflict or clash. Always make sure that the colors you select for the T-shirt, the printed messages, as well as graphic colors, are in perfect harmony.

You need the color of the shirt to either contrast or complement the design. Meaning, it will be difficult to see the letters if they are the same color as the shirt. It is important to create something the world will love; an effective message that can be memorized easily.

Reflect on slogans that made T-shirts more appealing over the years. Think of easy words you can combine that almost everyone is familiar with. It is your responsibility as a designer to create fresh slogans or designs that will grab people’s attention.

Your slogans or message should be short because it is easier to remember. A longer message can also be memorable if it has rhythm or flows well.

Experiment with different fonts. Have in mind that legibility and the visual aspect counts when selecting a font. The font you pick should add more meaning to your message. For instance, if your message is “Work drives me Crazy,” then you should use a crazy looking or scribbled font that’s still readable.

The use of design software

Most times, you can use design software like Photoshop, CorelDraw or Illustrator and then use your image on the site. You should consider the art to make and sell T-shirts including the art of expressing feelings. What kind of emotion is to be created?

Decide on the emotion element you want to create. Then, identify the differences in the element that makes up the image that will attract people naturally. After that, use those elements to make and sell T-shirts.

How do you want people to see your designs, as something beautiful or scary? The secret to make and sell T-shirts is to understand what artwork is about and build on them. Position the text and art in a way that one does not distract from the other.

You can place the art behind the text if the artwork is less busy. You can also place the art below or above the text. This is more suitable for oblong shaped art. The aim of this is to allow the art to underline or sit above the text line. You can decide to run your art along the T-shirt’s side or crossing it from front to back.

Depending on the application you are using (e.g., Photoshop), scan and import any art images to your files. You can also make use of the art alone if that’s the message that is to be passed to your audience.

You can start making money if you are creative in producing designs to make and sell T-shirts. This is one of the best ways to make money. Not only is this fun, but it improves your creativity in the process.