standard How To Link To High Pagerank Internet Sites The Simple Way



Everyone with a website wants more traffic. Therefore, one of the factors to get traffic from search engines is to have other sites linking to your site. Here, you can learn how to link to high pagerank internet sites the simple way.

Your goal is to link to high pagerank internet sites. For one thing, these sites are regularly visited by search engine spiders. These search spiders crawl the website and locate the hyperlink to your site page.

Locate internet sites to link to high page rank. These sites get a visit from the spiders often. Specifically, you can find the pagerank of these sites so you will know which ones to link with.

Install Google toolbar for pagerank info

I won’t get into the details of just how Google decides pagerank or even exactly what pagerank is for the sake of keeping it short. You can locate the pagerank of sites by installing a Google toolbar or by going to a third party site. So, the toolbar will help you link to high pagerank.

An internet site is given a pagerank of between zero and ten. Furthermore, a general guide is that you should get links from websites that have a pagerank of at least five. This site will get a visit from the search engine spiders as soon as the next day. Thus, you will link to high pagerank, quickly.

You can send the webmaster a request for a link exchange to get backlinks from a site with a pagerank of at least five. Then, you can just submit your content to their websites or you could take a more simple approach that is outlined below. is a website in which individuals pay a visit. Then, they submit an article for other publishers to be able to use as content on their websites. Anyone can go to this ezine and sign up free of charge to submit their own articles.

They will be published on that ezine website when your content articles are accepted. In fact, you will have a website link to your website. You will discover it is a pagerank six website by checking the pagerank of

In addition, has an additional commenting function in which anyone can place feedback about the articles that are posted.

How you can comment on more than 150 thousand articles in the Ezine database to link to high pagerank

1. Go to the site Then, locate any article about some thing of private or business interest you want to comment on.

2. Go through the Comments link immediately under the article TITLE.

3. Next, add your individual comment.

4. You will need to enter their CAPTCHA code so you can authenticate that you are human.

5. They will have your comment being analyzed by a human editor that is with their managing comment team in just a day or so.

6. You are going to receive a contact email after they have approved your comment.

Get a high pagerank link

Especially, you will get a web link to high pagerank back again to your website. At any rate, you won’t have to write an article for it. Submitting comments is merely a suggestion if you just simply desire the search spiders to crawl your website. I still believe it’s a good idea to write and submit your own articles. This way, you will receive the full benefit of getting a one way link to your website.

There are numerous websites where you are able to link to high pagerank without having to send an email to the site webmaster and then wait for their reply regarding this. You just need to be aware of each website’s pagerank and keep your eyes open to link to high pagerank internet sites the simple way.