standard How To Keep Your Life On Track Through The Tough Times


You can keep your life on track through the tough times by allowing an inborn solution. For instance, when we encounter problems, the tendency is to intensely focus on trying to think about a solution. The problem is given so much fear that we feel anxiety and fear. At this point, frustration sets in and some people may also feel anger. The problem is that we are trying to force a solution rather than allowing an idea that will be the solution to come naturally.

One of our worst enemies is fear. It limits your ability to keep your life on track. Fear can keep you awake at night. You think about many horrific scenarios because of lingering problems that trouble you. Fear at this level is dangerous, self-defeating and it has no value. It causes you to doubt yourself; subsequently, draining your energy.

If you want to keep your life on track, you must be able to deal with fear. I am sure you are thinking “how do I deal with my problems to defeat fear?” First and most importantly, you have to keep your life on track by disassociating from the problem.

Take your focus off the problem

This does not mean that you pretend the problem does not exist. It does exist. But, you have to come to terms with the fact that you might not be able to do much about it at that moment. So, it is best not to focus on the problem. Then, your mind will be,subconsciously, working to find a solution.

It will be difficult for you to keep your life on track when you keep focusing on the problem. This is true even when you don’t have an immediate solution. This action limits the ability of your subconscious mind to use its’ innate abilities to derive a solution. Simply let it go for the moment and make the changes that are within your abilities.

Now, you have to make an effort to avoid thinking about the problem to keep your life on track. We are surrounded by the energy given out by things around us. Situations that we encounter and our problems generate energies too. Focusing on the problem adds to its negative energy which affects you. If you can let go, you shift your energy from the problem. Then, you will be strengthening your innate abilities to derive a solution.

You may be wondering if this principle can be applied to all kinds of problems. The magnitude of your problem is not important. It is your manner of approach that matters. Starve your problems of attention for a short while. Then, you will retain enough positive energy to keep your life on track.

Focus on positive energy

Stop considering the facts. You cannot do much to change them. Focus on something that gives you positive energy. For instance, listen to good music or watch a nice movie. You could even go for a walk, talk to a good friend, or read a good book. Do something positive to distract you from focusing on the problem for a short while. This is how you can still keep your life on track even while contending with issues.

You will realize that you feel less intimidated by the problem when you do this. Somehow, and in some way, you will eventually know what to do about the situation. You will successfully keep your life on track by winning over the situation.

Here are some common issues we may encounter that will require this approach. This may include; your car has been repossessed, your house is being foreclosed, or a loved one is going through a rough patch due to poor health. It doesn’t matter what the issue is. You need to avoid focusing on the problem. You can seek inner peace, allowing hope to fill your mind.

Problems can cause you to face difficulties while you strive to keep your life on track only if you let them. You can start practicing the principles of distracting your focus. Then, things will begin to change almost in a magical way. You will feel better, hopeful and confident. Your thoughts will be clear. Then, it is possible to hear a “still small” voice from within guiding you to the solution.

You have nothing to lose except your problems. Overall, you have everything to gain when you keep your life on track. Remember a truth as old as time. Life is for you; not against you because you are life’s longing for itself.