standard How To Create A Video Tutorial For Your Website


It may be a time-consuming task to create a video tutorial that you will need help with.  Especially, when you’re doing it for the first time.  But do you know that there are simple hacks that you can implement to make creating a video very easy?

You can create a video tutorial in a short period of time on any topic that you desire without breaking the bank or going through a whole lot of stress.  In this post, there are details on some simple guidelines and tips you can use to create a video tutorial easily.

1. Specify your main topic and focus to create a video tutorial

The first thing you should do is to decide what you want your video tutorial to be about.  For example, you decide to teach your audience how to create a website which is definitely going to be a long tutorial because of the several processes involved.

Firstly, break it up in smaller tasks that your audience can easily follow without getting overwhelmed.  This way, they can follow through your lessons in a step by step pattern until the whole topic is fully covered.

You may decide to make the first tutorial to be on “How To Choose A Good Domain Name”.  Then, follow with another one on “How To Install WordPress On Their Domain Name” and then “How To Secure Their Website From Hackers”.  Just an example you can go by.

Outline each step in full details with illustrations to make it easy for your audience to quickly understand what you’re teaching and implement them easily.  The importance of making your video tutorial with easy steps to follow cannot be overemphasized.

It’s a must so ensure you make your students happy by not making any assumptions about your audience knowing anything about the topic when you’re creating a video tutorial.

2. Get the right software to create a video tutorial

When you’ve access to a good software when you want to create a video tutorial, it makes everything work perfectly and your video look more professional.  I highly recommend Camtasia because you can create video/audio film with your computer.  This makes it easy to create a video in either Streaming, Flash video, MPEG readily available through your website.

3. Record the video tutorial professionally

A good place is usually noise free and doesn’t have any external background issues.  Then, turn off anything that’s noise where you would like to create a video tutorial.  Anyhow, a very quiet room usually works best.

You don’t necessarily need to hit the studio for you to have a sound-proof video.  A quiet room is very ideal so it’s important to convince everyone around that you are in need of being alone for your work.

Then, open the Camtasia software and follow the prompts provided and start recording your video.  Once you’re done, hit the save button and save it to your computer.  Pretty easy, right?

4. Always remember any supporting material to create a video tutorial

Having written materials of great quality to support your video tutorial is one of the important things you need to do when creating your video tutorial.  But most people often overlook it.  This is very key in making your video professional and educative as possible.

Upload your completed video to your website

Now, your video is ready and you’re wondering how to get it uploaded on your site for your audience to view it?  It goes without saying that having a video tutorial to be eye-catching and attractive is a great way to attract and garner a large base of audience to visit your website.  This works pretty well if you incorporate your video tutorials or your products videos within the web pages of your site.

Basically, the more audience you attract to your website, the more traffic you would get.  Ultimately, the more search engines (like Google, Bing etc.) will push your website web pages up in their result pages.

There are several ways to use website videos creatively with the aim of attracting a large base audience.  One that is  interested in what your website is all about.

2 options can be done to create a video tutorial for your site

You can use the streaming technique or visitors can view the video after downloading is complete instead.  Streaming video products is very widespread today.  This speaks volume why most authoritative e-commerce sites implement it on their sites.  When you use this method, the video can be viewed quickly.  Even, while it’s still downloading.  This will boost the average time readers spend on your site and reduce your bounce rate.

It might look as if this whole process from start to finish is nerve-racking and difficult.  Also, a task that requires you to be a technical-geek.  But it’s not, if you follow this information carefully.

Creating a video tutorial doesn’t necessarily need to be difficult and time-consuming.  This is because, obviously, it is not at all.

Something worthy to note when you’re creating a video tutorial or video for your product.  Pay close attention to the bandwidth usage so you don’t run out of bandwidth for your website.  Just be aware of this because most videos that are streamed on a website usually exhaust lots of bandwidth.

Important note

Stay clear of videos that are not yours.  Granted, you could run into trouble (especially legal issues) using them on your website.

Lastly, you decide to create a video tutorial on your website.  Then, it is necessary that you first clearly understand the value versus the time you spent on accomplishing this task.

Ask yourself the following questions before you create a video tutorial

Will my video be helpful to my visitors?

What problem does my video tutorial solve?

What strategy would I apply the video on my website?

Your goal should always be the best quality possible when you create a video tutorial for your website.  The tutorial should especially be a video that gives your site visitors as well as your site rewarding value.