standard How To Create A Distributor Network Work From Home Business



This article will show you how to create a distributor network work from home business. In selecting a product to sell, you should make your decision based upon the knowledge of who you are going to sell to. Moreover, how you will sell the product. So, you have the greatest bargain on the planet. Then, if you don’t know how to market your product or who will buy your product, you won’t have any profits in your work from home business.

First step for your work from home business

The first step is to create a product or purchase a product for very little. Then, sell it at a significant markup. This is the strategy if you want to achieve this possible very lucrative work from home business. You will need to first research the demand for the product. Next, who will purchase your product. Also, you will want to determine how much most of the market demand will pay for your product.

An example of a possible product is a “How To Manual” of creating and setting up a profitable work from home business. You want one that can make $100,000 a year. This idea requires a lot of research. Furthermore, the expertise in creating a guide that will be highly beneficial and informative.

Next, you check with several printers. Thus, you are given the printing costs of $1.50 for each book in bundles of 1,000. Your goal will be to sell a million of these manuals at $10 each. With the cost of each manual being $3, you will have $7 profit per manual. This idea has become a profitable work from home business for those with the perseverance to put their ideas into action.

Recruit people for your dealer distributor network

It could take a very long time to sell a million copies if you choose to be the ‘one and only’ selling your manuals. With that said, you will be working 24/7. A business realization is to recruit as many people as available. You will need help for you to make sales in your work from home business. This is creating a dealer distributor network.

You will need to make it worthwhile for others to sell your manual for your work at home business. For each manual sold, they will get a percentage of the selling price. In general, this would be about 50% for each one sold. Then, 60% if purchased in quantities up to 100.

Further, for 100 copies and higher distributors would make 75%. It is important to lower your profits to a minimum in your work from home business. Because, you have others doing the selling for you.

OK, the example is a $10 manual that cost $1.50 each in bundles of 1000. Furthermore, you have those who want to sell your manual and purchase in bundles of 100. In fact, you can give them a deal of $2.50 per manual. That would give you a profit of $1.00 each because they will be doing their own advertising and selling.

Set your price for profit

Another important advice tip is not to give more than 50% of each manual on drop ship sales in a work from home business. You will need to give this kind of dealer selling materials. Also, you will be doing the majority of the advertising/marketing.

When you set up a distributor network, you will need to advertise. In addition, have a sales kit for those selling your product. The next step would be to place ads for dealers wanted in as many publications as possible. Craigslist and Classifieds For Free are great possibilities. Also, any popular local publications.

This ad should be a call for dealers, independent extra income seekers, and distributors. Furthermore, this ad is not for selling your product. It is for recruiting others to sell your product. The more ads you place for dealers wanted, the more people you will enlist to sell for you.

First, you will need to have a seller’s kit. Given that, compose a dynamic sales letter to send to those people responding to your ads. You will want your letter to sell the prospects on wanting to sell for you in your work from home business.

Work from home business recommendations

Some distributors charge from $1-$5 for the details. Also, a complete set-up to make up for postage and for the cost for the initial seller’s kit. This is recommended at the beginning. This is because if your offer for selling your product is nothing, you will likely get a lot of request from curiosity seekers. These folks don’t usually follow through.

These are basic guidelines of how to create a dealer/distributor network. It is very important to go forth with each step of this goal. Take these steps as you are able to afford the marketing/advertising from profits from the sales of your “how to manual” or product you have chosen.

This idea is easy and simple and it can be very profitable. It is the goal of this article to show you the steps of how to create a distributor network work from home business. Remember, the importance of researching complete details. Acting with motivation and an entrepreneurial spirit can be the beginning of awesome profits.