standard How To Create A Bulk Email List For Increasing Profits


Many owners of online businesses have figured out how to create a bulk email list for increasing profits. We have the ability to connect with millions of people all around the globe through the Internet.

It is safe to say this number will keep growing as long as people are discovering the convenience and necessity of the Internet in today’s world. This is where information technology comes in as major factor in determining the success of a business.

Firms and establishments have identified the Internet as a place to promote their commodity sales. The strategy referred to as a bulk email list, sending bulk email, sending advertisements and promotional notice to email users is employed.

Your goal is a targeted email

An integral part of a successful bulk email list strategy is having a clear and concise list of targeted email addresses. This simply means that the list will contain only valid email addresses of potential customers. These are folks who are interested in receiving these newsletters from your establishment. Otherwise, your unwanted newsletters will be regarded as spam mail.

Companies cannot gamble on the equity of their brand names by offending people. They need to be careful sending out brochures and newsletters even though bulk emailing may be free. A concise list of emails will assist you in assessing the success of your email project. More importantly, this will reduce the risk of going against the anti-spamming laws.

How, then, do you create a clearly targeted email list?

There are a few “DON’Ts” here:

You don’t want to generate email addresses by subscribing to special tools available on the Internet;

Never get the email addresses from other websites;

Do not buy an already existing list. Those lists are usually generated from email service providers and survey agencies.

Any list that you will probably purchase is never updated. It is made up of “dead” and unreachable email addresses. Also, those lists have been sold and re-sold several times. The owners of those email addresses are already tired of receiving emails from other email marketers.

Therefore, I doubt that most will open and read your message when they get hundreds of emails every day. The email addresses you can obtain from websites are email addresses of people who have never heard about you. They will certainly not care about whatever emails you send to them.

As a result, you will receive several complaints from various people for sending unwanted emails their way. This may even be the ban/block of your email account.

An opt in form is a great beginning

The advisable first step to take to generate a bulk email list for maximizing profits starts with an opt in form for subscription on your site. This is the best way to build your clear and concise as well as properly targeted email lists. Make sure your website is functional before starting with bulk email list marketing.

Perhaps you have already subscribed to a site where you advertise your commodity. Create a subscription form on your web page that makes people want to consciously sign up for your bulk email list. Verbally educate people about your bulk mailing list through various talks.

The benefit in this strategy is that the list of emails is self-screened. The database will precisely contain only those interested in what you have to offer. It is advisable you have their consent before sending emails to them.

It’s not as fast and stress-free as obtaining email addresses from other sites. Although, you will find it is a more reliable method. You will not be guilty of sending unwanted emails since it is clear that the recipient has consciously subscribed himself/herself to your bulk email list.

Creating a rapport with your bulk email list

People possess an asset that can be used over and over again when they have a clear list of subscribers that have consciously agreed that you can send them emails.

You can use that list of email addresses to channel traffic to various websites and sales pages over and over again. This is the reason why you must value your bulk email list. The greater value you attach to your bulk email list, the greater value it will return when you need it.

Good advice is to build a rapport with your subscribers to have a lucrative bulk email list. You must get them to like you, feel like they know you and feel at ease when buying your product. Most importantly, you need them to look forward to receiving your emails.

Then, you stand a higher chance of getting them to buy your commodity if you can successfully create a strong working relationship with your subscribers.

Some tips on how you can create a relationship with your list of emails

1. Regularly send emails with your bulk email list. Ensure you are communicating with your subscribers at a minimal interval of once a month through emails or other means. You sent out emails to a list of email addresses and had minimal response.

It does not necessarily mean the recipients are not interested in your commodity. Try various emails and endeavor to find out which strategy works best. Continue applying the technique to communicate with your subscribers.

2. Endeavor to send only useful tips and information with your bulk email list. The content of you emails should basically be about what your customers want. Don’t just send information about your establishment or yourself. Try to offer more than just what you sell.

Include vital targeted information that adds value

Messages with specific contents and other targeted information that are of interest to your customers are vital and should be included. This is an effective strategy to make readers enjoy your emails thru your bulk email list. You want them to know that it contains useful information. Offer value through your emails. Don’t try to make profit one way or another from all of them.

3. Send videos thru your bulk email list as a means of reaching out to your customers when you can. Talk to your subscribers about things they want to know. Videos are generally more effective than regular emails because of the personal nature of videos. Also, the fact that it shows a real person giving the information.

4. Ensure your emails from your bulk email list are readable. They are often hidden by email filters although the videos, flash animations, graphics, and logos look attractive on an email.

Don’t include flash in emails

Instead, upload all your videos, graphics, and flash files to your website. Then, use a flat text containing hyperlinks to the site. You can show them all the graphics you want as soon as the recipients get to your website from your bulk email list.

5. Create an avenue for your customers to interact with you. This can be in form a forum, an email submission area, a comment system, a live chat room etc.

Note; Not every email from your bulk email list you send has to be profit oriented. Always ensure that the readers enjoy it. Make sure they love you and your emails. Try, as much as possible, to make your readers feel they can trust you and believe everything you say in your emails. This, I tell you, is how to create a bulk email list for increasing profits.