standard How To Boost The Protection Of Your Website When You Have WordPress


You may be an owner of a WordPress site.  Then, it is extremely important to boost the protection of your website. There are many news stories about WordPress websites that have gotten hacked.  It can cause a massive damage to your website and sometimes the damage would be irreversible.

To keep your WordPress protected, you are encouraged to think about getting your hands on a reliable WordPress plugin.  That’s where the WP All In One Security and Firewall plugin can assist you with the protection of your website.

Granted, it is true that WordPress comes along with some exciting security features.  However, those are not enough to keep you protected.  That’s because the hackers are aware of the loopholes that exist in WordPress security.

That’s also why you need to think about getting a plugin such as the WP All In One Security and Firewall installed.  Moreover, of the many advantages, it is totally free and it does not slow down your site.

What is the WP All In One Security and Firewall plugin?

This is among the most popular WordPress security plugins that is available out there.  The primary objective of this plugin is to enhance the protection of your website and keep it away from hacking attempts.  The plugin has been downloaded by over 800,000 active WordPress users.  This clearly guarantees the effectiveness of the plugin.

The features of this security plugin for the protection of your website?

You now have an understanding of the basics of what this WP Security plugin is all about.  So, let’s explore the features that come along with it.

Minimalist and user friendly

For one thing, the WP All In One Security and Firewall is not a complex plugin.  You can call this a simple and a minimalist plugin.  Therefore, even a complete beginner to WordPress will be able to install the plugin and start using it.

It is completely safe to use. The plugin is non-invasive as well. Therefore, when following simple instructions, you will never break your website after the installation.

Soon after you install this WP Security plugin, you are able to activate the features that come along with it.  That being done, you can tighten the security of the website.

Security Score

After the installation of the plugin, you can do a quick analysis of your website.  Hence, you will get a better understanding about the level of protection of your website that it currently has.  In fact, your security will be provided to you in the form of a score which is easy to understand.

You can take a quick look at the score and the chart to figure out how vulnerable your WordPress website is to threats.  With the facts you get, you can then proceed to the next step.

Critical feature status

The dashboard of this security plugin is also sharing some useful information to you.  Thus, it can also help you with tightening the overall security of the WordPress website.  These are a few simple security features, but they can play a major role in tightening the overall protection of your website.  In other words, you can use them and take the security of the WordPress website to the next level.

The feature status dashboard will act as a preliminary security checklist.  You just need to go through the security checklist and provide the level of protection deserved by your WordPress website.

Firewall features for the protection of your website

This security plugin can deliver a fully functional firewall to the WordPress website.  Likewise, the access control features offered by it are impressive.  It can even enable the popular 6G Blacklist firewall rules.

Moreover, it can disable track and trace, proxy comment posting and access to your debug log files.  Then, there is also the ability to prevent hotlinking of your images/content.  You can get more information of the firewall features by referring to the website.

Brute force login attack prevention for the protection of your website

If there is a brute force login attack, the security plugin will kick in and prevent that immediately.  In fact, it has the ability to prevent the login attempts that are coming from bots as well as people.

You can also use this plugin and add a simple captcha to the WordPress login page.  In addition, you will also be able to rename the WordPress login page which further enhances the security.

Security scanner

All In One WP Security & Firewall can detect the changes to any WordPress files.  If a system file has been changed, you will be provided with an alert.  At that point, you can check if that is a legitimate change or a sign of a threat.

Comment span security

You can configure the plugin to keep an eye on the most active IP addresses.  Also, block the spam comments.  You just have to view the details and click a single button to block all those spam comments.  Further, you can also add a captcha to the WordPress comment form.  With that, you can easily filter out the spam comments that you get.

Front end text copy protection

Content copying can be one of your biggest headaches that you have to face when managing a WordPress site.  If you want to overcome this, you can enable the plugin to disable right click.  Then, nobody will be able to steal content displayed on the website.

Should you get this WP security plugin for the protection of your website?

As you can see, the WP All In One Security & Firewall provides a large number of features which can assist you with tightening site wide security of the WordPress website.

The developers are sending regular updates for the protection of your website as well.  Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about any upcoming threats.  You only need to install the WP All In One Security and Firewall and enjoy what is being provided by it for the protection of your website.