standard How To Become A Work-From-Home Aira Agent


This information can guide you to become a work-from-home Aira agent and make money from home.  Aira is an outstanding company which provides assistance for the visually impaired and blind people to manage their day to day lives.

To help people with that, Aira has developed a unique and a one of a kind software.  This software works along with a special glass.  This glass is linked to a digital camera and a microphone app.

Home based agents within United States are hired with the objective of helping Aira customers to get their day to day tasks achieved.  This has provided an excellent opportunity for interested people to work from home and earn a decent income.

Work-from-home Aira agent

If you decide to become an Aira agent, you will have to work at home.  In fact, you will be an independent contractor for Aira and you will be using your own computer.

You will be working directly with the end customers of Aira who have been provided with a button on the earpiece.  When an end customer comes across the need to get the assistance of an agent, he will press that button and request for one of the agents to support.  After receiving such a request, the agent will be able to initiate a voice chat along with the client.

Examples of work interaction

The work-from-home Aira agent will be provided with a specific interface to help the client and attend to his needs in a timely manner.  Indeed, you have an opportunity to assist the Aira customer to overcome whatever the problem with the help of this interface.

You’ll receive a live video stream which is captured from the camera that’s given to a Aira end customer.  Therefore, you can see what’s happening in front of him.

Plus, you will also be provided with specific GPS information as well.  To further support you, the complete profile of the client that you are working with will be provided.  After you go through this profile, you can have a better understanding about the client.

For example, you can see pictures of people in his family and you can even get to know about his favorite food.  When your client is at a public place, you can assist him to discover his loved ones with ease as well.

The job that a work-from-home Aira agent has to do is not as easy as it sounds.  It is quite complex as you may encounter many various kinds of clients.  Unique services are required for the clients that you are working with.  Thus, you will gain a more in depth understanding about their specific needs.

You might even be assigned with a complex task such as guiding a visually impaired person through an airport.  You may assist to shop for groceries or to assist to find a specific location.

Perform as a virtual eye

Your role is to perform as a virtual eye for a person who is in need.  This comes along with a great responsibility as well.  That’s because you are guiding another person with what you see.

Throughout the process, it is very important that you are treating your client in a professional manner.  Moreover, you should have the ability to pay attention to detail and multitask.

Every single call that comes to you when you are a work-from-home Aira agent has a unique challenge.  You will need to go through those challenges and complete the tasks that you are assigned with.

However, you will be rewarded well for the efforts that you give and the responsibility that you maintain.  You are also provided with the flexibility to select your own working hours.

How can you get paid with Aira?

Information about specific pay rates of Aira are not disclosed to the public.  You will be able to get more information about it after you sign up.  The pay structure is quite complex as well because you are provided with the freedom to schedule your own hours.  I did find information that Aira pays twice a month and that pay is competitive.

Who can be a work-from-home Aira agent?

You will be required to possess some unique capabilities and skills to become an Aira agent.  For example, do you feel a lot of enthusiasm to support others?  Are you a well-spoken individual as well?

In addition, you should be really good at your computer skills.  That’s because you are provided with a limited time to go through what you see and help the client who is on the line with you.  You will have to be a multi-tasking person to get these tasks done in a timely manner as well.

A calm presence is a high priority

Throughout the process of communicating with the client, you should remain calm and focused.  This can contribute a lot towards the positive results that you can get.  In addition to that, it is important for you to be present within United States to work as an Aira agent.

There are some specific technical requirements which you need to possess to be a work-from-home Aira agent as well.  For example, you need to have a decent personal computer, with a CPU 4 core and 8GB of RAM.  You should have Mac OS High Sierra or Windows 10 running on the computer.

It is also important to have 40GB of free disk storage space as well.  In particular, you will not be able to work as an Aira agent with your smartphone, Chromebook or tablet.  On top of everything, you should have an excellent Internet connection with a speed of at least 25 MBPS.

Selected applicants will be given a thorough training program.  Likewise, this training includes live sessions where you receive live training with Aira agents.  You will also spend time in self directed study on your computer.

Final Words

As you have read, a work-from-home Aira agent provides a truly excellent work from home opportunity for anyone in United States.  If your interest is piqued, then you can look into this exciting opportunity and get started.

Remember, you can define your own flexible working hours and keep on making money as a work-from-home Aira agent.  It’s an opportunity that can have outstanding long term results as well.