standard How To Ace Your Next Video Interview


A video interview is all the rage right now. Moreover, as many as 60% of managers and recruiters (including those from industry giants such as Google, Facebook, and Apple) are all making use of video technology to conduct remote interviews.

From an employer’s perspective, a video interview is a swift way to narrow down the field. In addition, it saves on transportation costs. Anyhow, some people are inherently comfortable with the idea of a video interview.

Yet, others may break out in a cold sweat just at the thought of it. You may fall into the latter category. Thus, you might benefit from the following guidelines that will help you prepare for a possibly life-changing interview.

Double check your surroundings for your video interview

Your interviewers will likely be focusing mainly on your face. At any rate, it is important to remember that they will have a clear view of some of your surroundings as well.

The last things any interviewer wants to see is a pile of dirty dishes stacked on a kitchen counter or two children fighting over the TV remote.

Aim to have your video interview in a quiet, clean room with nothing more than a blank wall behind you, if possible. Inform everyone in the house of your interview. Also, lock the door to the room you are in if you are worried about being disturbed while on camera.

Your children/spouse/pets are particularly noisy. So, you might want to get them out of the house for the duration of the video interview. Alternatively, seek out a second choice venue for yourself.

Dress to impress

Even though you are not being interviewed in person, your appearance is still very important. For a video interview, you would dress the same as you would for a regular one. This is despite the fact that only the top half of your body will be seen.

Prior to your interview, conduct some research on the company’s culture to give you a better idea of what attire will be most appropriate for your video interview.

Try to avoid bright colors and busy patterns. Rather, opt for neutral colors such as black, white, dark blue, and grey. Men can add just a splash of color with a nice tie. Women may want to choose a vibrant lipstick.

Check your tech (and your angle)

It is of vital importance to familiarize yourself with your webcam and microphone. Therefore, you should know exactly how everything works in advance.

You may have requested to send through a video of yourself explaining who you are and what you do. As such, you are free to use any video capturing equipment  including a camcorder and a smartphone. You can do this as long as the audio and visual quality does not get compromised in any way.

Ensure that your video feeds are clear. Meaning, you don’t want any  known technical issues on your side that could have an adverse effect on the video interview.

In addition, double-check your camera angle to make sure it is slightly above your eye-line. Then, slant forward just a touch and dead center. This will provide you with the most flattering angle which, by knowing this, can boost your confidence significantly.

Be mindful of your body language

Your body language during your video interview is of great importance. A common mistake many interviewees make is to look at the interviewer on their screen instead of at the camera.

When speaking, look directly at the camera – this provides you with the best chance of “maintaining eye contact”. Remain upbeat and positive throughout the video interview. Nod and smile while you are listening to let your interviewer know they have your full attention.

Be sure to sit up straight, with your feet on the ground. Also, make sure your hands are in a comfortable position. You want to be ready to make hand gestures when you feel it is appropriate.

Feeling nervous about your video interview is completely natural. It is important though to not let your nerves get the better of you. This can make you appear anxious and unsure of yourself.

As long as you follow the guidelines above and remember to take a few deep breaths prior to starting, you are bound to come through your video interview with flying colors.

Author:  Jane Edwards – Freelance Writer