standard How Moms Can Open a Daycare Center to Work at Home


Moms have the choice of opening a daycare center to work at home if you are a mom who would like staying at home with your children. A daycare center to work at home is the perfect solution for a mom who is looking for a work-at-home job in a lot of ways. Your children would have you with them and they wouldn’t be in daycare. Besides, you are always at home. Even so, there are usually some shortcomings. You will have to weigh the pros and cons for your individual needs. A big plus is that it can be a lucrative choice.

Think about your purpose of starting a daycare center

You may have thought about starting up a daycare center to work at home. Then, you need to ask yourself what the benefits will be for you. Do you want to be at home taking care of your children? You will need to consider your children’s ages and how they will handle you caring for other people’s kids.

You may be planning to start a daycare center to work at home with the aim of making a living in the comfort of your home. In particular, it is important to remember that having a lot of children at your home will probably lead to wear on your household belongings. It is crucial to evaluate such issues before you decide it is time to jump into the business.

Things you should have to start a daycare center to work at home

You should start by taking care of some basic business issues before even getting a flier made on your daycare business. The home daycare requirements in every state are different. Besides, there are local requirements which you must pass. These requirements will probably include a business license, a permit to handle food, CPR and first aide certificates.

The minimal requirements may include a fire inspection prior to opening  business. Additionally, you might at times be required to take certain classes as well as passing specified basic tests. Also, you will need to have the necessary tools and products to start a daycare center to work at home. The items you will need may be plastic plates, sippy cups, art supplies and toys among other things.

Nonetheless, you should think about the ages of the  children you will be caring for before buying the items. You should make plans for a particular age range although you can have children of all ages from infants to school age.

For instance, you could concentrate on registering preschoolers to start a daycare center to work at home. Also, your aim could be running the preschool curriculum if your children are preschoolers. In addition, you would have playmates your children could interact with. Granted, you could start by enrolling only infants if that would be your preference.

Follow your local child daycare requirements

All in all, you should pay close attention to local requirements in your area to start a daycare center to work at home. There are rules on the number of children to be cared for in your home. Furthermore, the guidelines will also depend on the age of the children you are planning to enroll.

There is also the option to hire some people to help you if you get more children than the required ratio of children to adults. Generally, there is an overall limit on the number of children you can comfortably offer the care to start a daycare center to work at home.

Structured plan of care

It is important to have a structured plan of care in your home daycare. This will be beneficial to your family members. It is also necessary for the children you have enrolled. There will need to be a schedule on times to drop off and pick up the children. You will let the parents know all the details for discipline. It is extremely important to make it part of the parent handbook. Notably, the parents need to sign a copy for your records.

Also, it is important you write contracts outlining financial responsibility to start a daycare center to work at home. It is imperative to make it clear on the type of payments you expect. Also, it has to be clear when it should be paid. In any event, parents need to know, in advance, how delinquent payment will be handled. They also need to understand you have late fees when they don’t pick up their children on time.

It depends on how well you treat your home daycare as a business as to whether parents, with children in your care, will take the business seriously or not. You have to treat it as a business. Then, parents will treat you as a professional and not a babysitter.

Potential difficulties

You will probably face some difficulties when starting a daycare center to work at home. For example, you will face situations where parents say their children are potty-trained, but you discover they aren’t.

You may also have difficult parents and children to deal with. Sometimes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. That’s part of life. Also, you may have difficulties with collecting and billing of payments. Additionally, you might run into the problem of a parent reporting you to the children’s protection authorities. Yet, you have done nothing.

It is good you review all possible problems that you may face. You should know what action you would take before you start a daycare center to work at home. Moreover, you could spend some money in hiring a lawyer to come up with a contract to protect you. There are people who go ahead and form their daycare into a small business limited liability company (LLC). This step can protect your personal assets in case you were sued. Furthermore, you can also hire daycare workers for extra help.

Many moms start a daycare center to work at home. It has been a good choice for moms who want to work. Specifically, anyone should make sure they have a structured plan in place before starting. Especially, you can  perform all the important ‘legwork’. You will sleep so much better and you will enjoy success more quickly!