standard How Expert Podcasting Skills Can Make Money In Your Business


Many people online today are talking about how you can utilize expert podcasting skills to move your business forward. Although, it is more than difficult to capture the media-friendly clients of nowadays.

Take a look at your competitors in expert podcasting skills

In fact, you have video streaming on computers and TV shows on mobile devices. As well as that, you have video games that give you the opportunity to play with opponents from across the globe. So, you have people with all of this many entertainment possibilities at their disposal. Then, how do you get them to focus on your services and products?

This is where podcasts come in. They are often in the form of video and audio files which are found throughout the internet.  Moreover, subscribers can download these files to play on their computer or any other listening device. You will find that podcasts can be found on most any topic. Some are even dedicated to living in remote areas of the planet. The length of a podcast also varies.

Expert podcasting skills are made up of two unique characteristics that individuals presenting their work will love

1. They support multitasking

Most clients are so busy, they cannot spare time to read an article or a book. In this case, your expert podcasting skills make it easy for them to listen while they do other things. For instance, people may be driving to their job, jogging in the morning or doing some less significant aspects of their paperwork.

2. They take advantage of the popular desire for self-improvement

Listeners get the feel of a personalized lecture experience with experts through podcasts. People who desire to move their careers forward, better their well-being, or raise their kids better are regular audiences for podcasts.

Overall, podcasting helps in developing you as a professional. By sharing your insights, guidance and advice through podcasts, and information related to various industries, you’ll be creating the impression that you are someone worth turning to.

Podcasting is a perfect opportunity for you to display your skills and address relevant topics in your industry to your audience. Also, podcasting comes a bit cheap – about a few hundred dollars – making it a no brainer.

Before you can master expert podcasting skills, you have to be familiar with the four C’s.

Your podcasts should be Clear, Concise, Consistent and Chatty


There was a time when politicians and actors in training would try to speak with their mouths filled with pebbles. The idea behind that training was basically that if you could be understood under such circumstances, you would definitely be understood when speaking unimpeded.

I do not recommend that you put rocks in your mouth to train your speech, but you need to understand that clear speech is a must for expert podcasting skills. Listeners can’t appreciate what they don’t understand.


Your podcast must be clear in focus. Considering this, focus on a single point you wish to illustrate and stretch on that point in your material. It is more effective to give a number of short, easy to understand, focused podcasts. You certainly don’t want a single, extensive, doubtful, self-indulgent podcast without any focus.


Most important, choose to podcast monthly, weekly or daily if you’re brave enough; it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you choose and stick to a schedule. If you disappoint your listeners by not making material available when they’re expecting it, chances are they may not come looking again.


Expert podcasting skills present material that is engaging. Granted, it might be a bit difficult if you are talking about serious business, like tax strategies or estate planning, but it must be done. It is better your podcast is conversational and filled with examples than dry and filled with jargon and unnecessary statistics. As such, listeners will always tune those out.

Finally, once your podcast is set and ready to go, you will have to put your expert podcasting skills to work. Also, bear in mind that you must promote your podcast.

In particular, provide a link to it on your website, include information related to your podcast in your signature files, and make mention of it in your print advertisements. No one can listen to your expert podcasting skills if they are unaware of its existence!