standard Free Vs Paid Blogging Services: Which Is Best?


A major decision to make when you are starting a blog is choosing to go with paid or free blogging services.

Many newbies choose free blogging services for various reasons.  But it’s still great to know everything you need about which choice is actually better.

Whether you choose to opt for a paid blog or a free one, each have their advantages and disadvantages.  With that in mind, you need to consider your budget, needs and technical knowledge.  Afterward, choose what suits you best.

Free blogging services

Free blogging services are the cheapest and safest option for novice bloggers.  Playing it safe is, after all, important when stepping into a new field.  Granted, nothing is safer and cheaper than free services.  Free blog services also financially protect you from spending on bandwidth and storage for your blog.

In particular, free blogging services come with a free domain name, but it isn’t very advantageous nor professional looking.  Anyhow, you won’t be able to choose a domain name that would grab attention.  Isn’t ‘myinfinitethoughtblog. com’ better than ‘myinfinitethoughtblog.blogspot. com?’

The former sounds good, is catchy and good enough to remember.  The downside of the latter is that they attach their domain to your blog resulting in the example domain name ‘yourblogname.blogspot. com’.

This might make your readers have less faith in you as it feels like you aren’t very serious with what you do.  In addition, it also makes it hard for the reader to remember the domain name the next time they want to visit.

Lower chance of subdomain name you like

Another disadvantage of having free blogging services is that there are countless bloggers out there using free services.  Thus, this makes it extremely difficult to find a decent subdomain name.

At any rate, the free blog versions provided by Blogger, Blogspot and WordPress are highly regarded website/blog makers.  Yet, sometimes, it’s just better to choose over losing your interest in blogging because of a domain name you don’t like.

An attractive advantage of free services is it doesn’t require a lot of coding.  Moreover, it is fairly simple to use and can be operated even by starters with zero coding knowledge so they get a brownie point for that.  But it also means that you cannot design your blog to your liking for your online business.

A free blog can give you a difficult time if you want a unique site as there are many free blogs out there which may look just like yours.  This might not be enough to impress your first few visitors making them visit your site again and again.

Paid blogging services

The disadvantages of using a paid service results in payment not only for services but also for online storage, domain registration and the bandwidth you use.

A popular perk is hosting fees for paid blogging services have recently become more flexible.  Bloggers can choose options to pay from monthly payment, quarterly payment, half-yearly payment and yearly payment.

However, you will have to continue paying for your blog’s domain registration if you still want to maintain it later on.  You follow the payment structure you have chosen, be it yearly or monthly.  Yes, this does mean extra costs in displaying and maintaining your blog, but let’s look at its advantages first.

The advantage of ample storage space

Paid hosting services provide you with ample storage space that is limited when it comes to free blogging services.  Meaning, with paid services, there is no limit to posting as much content, images, video clips and audio clips as you like.

This advantage takes your blog to another level and will make your first-time visitors into repeat traffic.  Furthermore, a paid blog helps you design the interface to your liking.  This way you can make it look as unique and attractive as you want.

What is more, there are countless tools that help you change the visuals of your site.  These tools also provide you with useful statistics and apps.  They will also keep you updated about the traffic your blog receives every month.

The major benefit when you opt to buy a paid blog is that you can choose the perfect domain name.  You can choose a name that best suits your blog as long as you get it before somebody else does.  It’s satisfying just thinking about it right?  Imagine seeing that name on the webpage.


If you are a blogger who is serious about making money through this or a hobbyist who wants to earn from your hobby, then it is highly recommended you opt for a paid blog.  The advantages of paid blogging services are more than what they initially cost.  It will benefit greatly if done right in the long run.