standard Facebook Advertising May Be Your Miracle



Facebook advertising might be your modern field of gold. Indeed, there are more than one billion people who use it at the moment. They connect to their accounts on a daily basis to get in contact with family and friends. Furthermore, they also use it to connect with peers and corporations.

Also, Facebook users update their circle on what’s trending for them. This is on a personal or professional level. For one thing, it grows faster than any other site on the internet. In fact, Facebook contains more than 1,000,000,000 accounts. It even surpasses Google, traffic-wise!

Therefore, you should consider the amazing level of exposure. It shouldn’t strike us as odd that Facebook advertising leads the pact. In any event, this is when it comes to paid advertising. Its main strength is that it provides interested parties the means to access their target market. Moreover, this is the fast and easy way. While, most importantly, paying LITTLE money.

Facebook advertising is priced way cheaper. By the way, cheaper than the traditional industry standard marketing that uses pay-per-click. But, what’s even more important, is that there aren’t many ad professionals on Facebook. This is compared to other similar platforms such as Adwords.

Competition ceases to be a problem with Facebook advertising. Actually, it will be cheaper to reach your audience. Overall, it is also faster and easier than all other alternatives.

How Facebook Advertising Works

Promotion uses the DISPLAY channel. Thus, it doesn’t use the traditional SEARCH one with Facebook advertising. The implication of this is that users don’t have to input predefined keywords in a search bar. In particular, ads are shown to them. Additionally, this depends on the theme of what they are reading at that moment.

There is another unique feature of Facebook advertising. It affects the way that ads appear. This is with the unique ability to “award” an advertisement. It happens via the “Like” button. Facebook advertisements also have the relevant icon on their lower side as with regular posts. This allows viewers to press it. Thus, “Liking” it.

Facebook gets the signal. This signal is more ads of the same subject with a similar category. Not to mention, keywords should be shown to these users. This happens by pressing the ‘like’ button. At any rate, this process optimizes advertising experience for Facebook users.

Add Images To Your Facebook Advertising

Another option is usually unavailable with standard PPC advertising. It is that you can market your services. Also, your products with pictures via Facebook advertising. Pictures are an amazing ally in boosting conversion. The conversion for your ads. This is because you can select them to specifically invoke certain emotions. You raise the chances of gaining extra customers by doing so.

For example, let’s say you are promoting an ad for a teeth-whitening product. Then, you could use a classic “before/after” picture in it. The viewer gets instantly hit by this offer. All and all, pictures have the potential to become your biggest weapon.

Pictures are your weapon in persuading your audience to click your ad. For instance, to see what you’re offering. So, where to begin? You wish to exploit the enormous impact of Facebook advertising. Also, the far social reach of Facebook advertising. Moreover, you want to better promote your company.

You Can Start With The Following

Make your ads targeted

You need the whole ad to be exclusively tailored to your usual client. This tailoring should include all the content within your advertisement. For example, be it pictures or written message.

Facebook advertising enables you to create advertisements. You want ads that are extremely targeted. Your focus can be people of varying ages. Also, levels of education and places of residence. Other points of focus are individual interests. This is stated by the users themselves in their Facebook profiles or even their gender.

Your ads performance depends on how well you have targeted them. So, it is a good idea to invest time while creating your advertisements. You want to ensure proper targeting of your intended customer audience.

Facebook Advertising Will Only Accept Ads That Comply To Its Rules

Facebook will never jeopardize its main asset. This is the feeling of putting its community at the top. That’s why they have crafted a draconian rule-book. In fact, this regards which ads can be shown to their users. For example, you are not allowed to use jargon or poor grammar. Moreover, don’t use offensive pictures. Never use provocative text. These will get your ad banned.

Some people consider these rules a barrier to trying Facebook advertising. But in reality, this kind of quality screening is a tool. This will help carefully created ads reach a bigger audience. More important, they will better convert to sales.

Watch Your Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate, or CTR for short, is a metric that measures the performance of your Facebook advertising. CTR should never fall below 2% for your ads to be successful. It is time to change things with your ad when that happens. You probably have to rethink your advertisement’s targeting scope.

Do you ask the right things with your Facebook advertising? Is your picture properly selected? Never forget to invest the time needed. You want to put in the time to evaluate how effective your Facebook advertising is. This is done in order to get the highest conversion rate possible. Finally, don’t pause or remove your ads.

Carefully Select The Timing Of Your Ads

Facebook provides you with options. You can run your Facebook advertising nonstop during the day. Then again, you can run them intermittently. Namely, you can have predetermined start and stop points. It is better to opt for nonstop advertising during the day. This is true unless there is a valid reason not to do so. For instance, as you will be away on vacation. You may have discovered that certain times in the day show better conversion rates.

Don’t Go Overboard With Your Maximum Daily Bid

That is to say, choose a maximum daily amount that doesn’t make you uncomfortable. In addition, you also want it in accordance with your budget. By the same token, you will get a suggestion about how much that amount should be. Actually, you will get this from Facebook advertising. This is based according to your ad’s content. Also, the target audience you have chosen.

It is a good idea to set the maximum bid a bit lower than the recommended. Then, further adjustments should be made. This should be according to the type of your ads. Also, their conversions and how much exposure you are after.

Pick CPC Instead Of Impressions

You have the choice to be billed for impressions or per click. The generally preferred method in Facebook advertising is cost per click. For example, this is even more so when you are doing tests. Otherwise, you can make a change later if you decide.