standard Enjoy The Benefits Of Working Remote At Home With Zapier


With the advent of the internet, telecommuting or working remote at home has become an important advantage in our daily lives.  One particular advantage is employees are provided the convenience of working in their homes for employers who live in another country.

Indeed, this trend of work at home has a tremendous impact on attaining work life balance.  It also reduces transportation cost and the concept of the office attire.  And, Zapier is one of those companies that serve as the bridge that connects employers with potential employees from across the world.  As such, they offer working remote at home.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is, essentially, an online automation tool.  It allows workers to integrate the common apps that are usually used by telecommuters or online workers.  This includes Gmail, Twitter, Slack, Trello, and 1,000’s more.  Moreover, this is so that the apps can work together seamlessly and automate repetitive tasks.

This process creates a smooth workflow for more efficient work for working remote at home.  In time, however, Zapier has evolved into a company that helps connect employers seeking to outsource some of their business operations.  In addition, they connect qualified employees that are capable of providing the required services while working remote at home.

Aside from that, Zapier also provides the right tools to employees to properly equip them in doing their jobs.  Granted, these tools would ultimately allow computers and humans to work and do the best of what they are supposed to do respectively.

How to apply working remote at home with Zapier?

In order to apply to Zapier, you simply need to visit their website and log in using your Google Account and Facebook account. Once logged in, choose from any of the available job listings categorized as Design, Engineering, Support, Marketing and Partnership, among others. After that, click the job of your choice and fill-in the application form.

Note that the application form also involves simple tests.  For instance, such as create a Google forms, composing customer replies to requests and other things for screening applicants.  Successful applicants will then be contacted within seven days for an interview.


You will receive a competitive salary that is at par with the rates of your employer.  Equally, you will not be treated as a contractor but an employee who is entitled to benefits.

These include benefits such as healthcare, retirement plan, and profit sharing.  Unfortunately, these incentives are presently restricted to US employees.  The company is still on the process of making these benefits available to its international employees.

Since all work and no play makes Jack a dull person, the company has additional benefits.  Working remote at home workers are entitled to 2 annual company retreats and 14 weeks paid leave for new parents.  In addition, there is at least 2 weeks off each year.  Also, employees will be provided the proper equipment e.g. Apple laptop and needed software.

Other matters for working remote at home with Zapier

Once hired to work at home, you will be part of a team which has been organized for easier and more efficient management.  Your team members can live from anywhere in the world; US, UK, Philippines, India, Australia, etc.  It is important that you work within the time zone of the employer who hired you for working remote at home with Zapier.

Zapier is an equal opportunity employer and hires people based on talent, skill and commitment.  All without consideration of ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, physical disability, or age.

The company’s code of conduct serves as a guiding light that celebrate peoples’ differences.  The strength and uniqueness of the company rests upon this mission for people working remote at home with Zapier.