standard Effective Web Design That Will Attract Visitors


Effective web design can make all the difference in your business going from slow to improving your sales and attracting visitors.  That is your first step.  Then, if you know how to handle online marketing over the internet, you will have tremendous success for your business.

Here is a list of things you should look out for while deciding the structure and pattern of your website.

Text And Background Colors For Effective Web Design

It is important to know that human eyes can read better if the color of the text is dark with a light color background.  The same phenomenon applies to effective web design and you should strictly stick to this rule.

This is something that has been proven over time.  Furthermore, such a graphic design layout will facilitate your web visitors to focus easily on the content.

Text Size And Appearance

Keep your text size, appearance, and structure under check if you want an effective web design.  No matter how good your content is, if your text font is not clear or the size is too small, your content will be difficult to read.

A large size font or capital letters have a shouting effect on your visitors.  For an effective web design, that is not so appropriate.

Also, keep the text alignment on the left side for general content and keep it in the center for headings.

Easy Navigation

Navigating a website sometimes seems to be a big challenge for a visitor.  This is because the website lacks an easy path.   For an effective web design, you need your hyperlinks placed strategically.  In addition, they should be easy on the eyes.

Making attractive tabs or buttons is also good.  But if the visitor doesn’t understand their function easily, then you are not on the right track.

The Science Of Hyperlinks For Effective Web Design

Hyperlinks are one of the most important factors in effective web design.  Visitors should feel comfortable while clicking on them by just looking at them.  The most effective web design keeps the visitor updated on the links he has clicked.  And the ones he hasn’t.

The easy and conventional way to do this is keep the unvisited hyperlinks blue and the visited ones in maroon or purple.

If you want to be creative with this method, just remember to keep it simple to understand and easy on the eyes.  Remember not to mix the headings, text links, and hyperlinks.  It is important to keep their appearances different from any other for the visitors.

Stay Discoverable

If you have made a website for your business, it does not mean that clients will simply start to visit the site.  You have to modify it according to the requirements of the search engines which is called SEO (search engine optimization).

Other smart ways of doing online marketing are by spreading the word through electronic magazines, banner advertising, award sites, online directories, and links from different relevant sites.

You may lack the required knowledge or do not have time to deal with this aspect of your business.  Then, try to hire an online marketing professional.  They will work to get your website to meet the goal of having an effective web design.

Extend Easy Contact Information

An effective web design provides visitors with easy access to contact with the people running the business.  It is important the visitors know that the website administrator will respond quickly to their questions.  This simply means that an effective web design is in place.

Sometimes a visitor might have an unanswered question about the website.  They would really appreciate it if you are readily available to respond to their query.

Remember!  When a visitor gets a reply to their question, they not only feel special, but they feel safe when they get a reply in a comfortable environment.

Effective web design will give all relevant contact information.  You are also creating a sense of security for your end-users.  They can contact you in a way that makes them feel the most comfortable.

Consistent Layout Matters For Effective Web Design

An effective web design can make good use of being easily understood and consistent when it comes to communicating site data.  For instance, if the landing page of your website has a specific structure and layout, make sure it is followed on every other page of the website.

It gives a very professional and comfortable environment to the visitor.  This is because it can predict where the visitor will find the answer to a certain question or curiosity.

This consistency can be observed and in fact introduced in a number of things on your website like:

  • A watermark
  • Background colors
  • Font type
  • Heading font sizes
  • Drop shadows for bullets
  • Background effects
  • Text alignments
  • Color combinations for hyperlinks

Your Website Should Load Quickly

Many people tend to have less patience when clicking on a site for the first time.  Because they expect it to open quickly.  This is called load time or download time of a website.  If your website does not download quickly, then chances are your visitors may not visit again ever.

According to studies, 15 seconds is the longest a visitor can wait for a page to download.  If your website has animations, you should expect it to take longer to open for the visitor.  Now it is up to you.

Do you want your website to download quicker or do you want it to look cool with animations but with no visitors?

Remember!  An effective web design means that your visitor gets everything in the easiest way, in the least amount of clicks possible, and in the least amount of time.

Conclusion/On A Final Note

If you want to know how your website looks, get a third opinion.  Having your website designed based on your own opinion might look good to you.  But it is not necessary or even possible that every visitor will look at the website from your perspective.

You should prefer the third opinion over your own.  This is so that you may understand what the people see and experience when they click into your website.

If you could do that, you can easily understand how to convey your business’s message to your visitor through an effective web design.