standard Earn Money Quickly By Selling Your Articles to These Great Sites


Writing articles online is among the most valuable means to earn money quickly. Although, you will not get wealthy by writing articles, you can earn a decent income if you are an exceptional writer. All in all, getting started is easy and you can earn money quickly. Below are some of the best sites where you can sell your articles online.


Yahoo features a columnist network which allows you to earn money quickly by publishing your articles. Signing up costs nothing and all you need is creating your profile. Then, you are set for publishing your articles. However, you should start by reading Yahoo procedures and policies. There are guidelines and recommendations for published content. If you meet all the requirements, your content can be published on categories of Yahoo like:











You might earn money quickly from specified assignments, performance bonuses and up-front payments depending on the traffic attracted by your work, as stated by Yahoo.

Demand Media

Many writers earn money quickly with Demand Media, a distributor and employer of content. Multiple mainstream media sites like eHow, About, Livestrong, and others get their content distributed by Demand Media. You will need to be a good writer to write for Demand Media due to a lot of competition. The site pays a minimum of 7.50 based on the topic and format of the content. Besides, you can connect to a revenue sharing program for another opportunity.

Plenty of opportunity

You can use your content to earn money quickly on sites such as Livestrong, About, and eHow among others. Ensure you visit the sites and check their requirements for contributors. All these sites are always searching for individuals to write on specific topics. Additionally, visit sites such as LovetoKnow, SSWUG, and Brighthub for other tasks and writing assignments and you will earn money quickly.

The list of sites where you can sell your articles and earn money quickly is long and you should not be limited to the above listed sites. For more opportunities, you should keep on checking, as new writing jobs and businesses are opening daily. In addition, you can start your private article writing business.

PLR means Private Label Rights and it is another method to earn money quickly through article selling. Basically, this means writing articles on your favorite topics, and selling them to different people. After purchasing, the individuals get full rights to use the articles in any way. A good example is when you write say 10 articles on the topic of weight loss, and selling them to 100 individuals at a cost of $10, which is a total of $1,000.

To earn money quickly, just write articles for pay, and sell them to sites that have already been established. Besides, you can work on article writing assignments, or establish a private PLR business, to start making profits by writing articles on topics you like to your unending success.