standard Creating A Brand For A Strong Emotional Connection To A Product


Creating a brand from your product is an art of marketing that has the potential to take your business to quick success.  Many products are simple things used in our daily lives but if you purchase the same category item from a branded shop, you feel worthy, special, and important.

You might also experience a better authority over communication about that specific product if you have purchased it from a signature brand or store.  That is the value you get as a customer if your selected shop knows what creating a brand is.

If you are able to build a brand for your business, it means that you understand how to offer some extra value to your clients.  Some people may not be clear on what extra value for money is.  With that in mind, this article explains a lot of such values in the simplest words for everyone to understand.

Hopefully, by the end, you will be able to make out how you can add value to your business.  All while creating a brand.  Here is a list of values added to the business by creating a brand.

Hiding Some Context In A Brand

This form of value addition can be considered as the most basic need for creating a brand.  The best example could be the famous Redken shampoo.  It is supposed to not only clean your hair but also gives it strength.  This second benefit is a value given by Redken to the clients for their money.

Conceiving A Mental Mirage By Creating A Brand

While using the tool of marketing, you can encourage your customer to believe almost anything.  For example, using the brand name for any famous international hotel, you can get your client to believe they have a luxury service in their room.

Even if services of the same caliber are provided by a hotel of a lesser-known reputation, the clients will enjoy the hotel with a good reputation.

Placebo Effect

The power of creating a brand for your product is so hypnotic sometimes.  As such, your client might experience the placebo effect.  Children and superheroes can be the best example.

The power of creating a brand can make the child believe that they have superpowers or super speed.  All because they are wearing the brand costume of Superman or The Flash etc.  Children, as your clients, get this feeling as the extra value after purchasing your product – the superhero suit.

A Standard Of Status

If you are providing a well-maintained quality in your products, you can create a unique standard for the status-conscious people by creating a brand.

Ultimately, people using your product will be considered to have a higher standard as they use only your brand’s products.  This is another form of value-added to a product by creating a brand.

Sending A Message To Others Via A Product

Cartier is a company that makes very strong diamonds.  They used the strength of their product and connected it with a metaphorical comparison of long-lasting relationships.

So, if someone is using their products, they are supposed to have a long-lasting relationship.  Just like the long-lasting diamond they are wearing.  This is called creating a brand and changing the brand into a social statement.

Creating A Brand For Social & Cultural Authority

When the famous computer company “Apple” came out, it presented itself as a brand for the creative people.  Ultimately, people began to feel authoritative on the topic of computers and creativity because they used the company’s computers.  This transference feeling made the company a lot of money.

They felt empowered to discuss the topic with logic and authority.  This authority is the value added to the people’s money for buying a computer while creating a brand.

The Factor Of Social Empathy Through Creating A Brand

Some businesses have fame around the world for the charity they offer their clients to participate in by purchasing their products.  The “Body Shop” is a living example of that.  There are people who want to do charity but cannot find the rightful people for one reason or another.

This company is giving its clients the satisfaction to participate in transparent charity programs by simply purchasing their products.  So, the clients get a lot of value for their money.  And a little profit goes to the company as well.  Pretty interesting, right?

Give Your Clients A Hit Of Their Fantasy

You may be creating a brand to add more value to your client’s money.  Then, you can create a brand that enables them to enjoy something out of a fantasy.  It does not have to be for long.  Create a brand name or a slogan that makes the client feel unique and stand out from the crowd.

The best example can be Nike’s tagline that says “Just Do It”.  People do things all the time, but if they do it with Nike’s brand, they might feel doing it in a special way.  This feeling of “special way” is adding more value to your client’s money.

Give Your Clients An Emotional Perk By Creating A Brand

Creating a brand does not only mean providing something tangible or in a manner that can be expressed.  Sometimes, adding something for your client that can only be felt also has a lot of value for your client.

Most probably this feeling can be expressed and even real.  People will pay for that and you can build your brand around that.  Need an example?  Estee Lauder Beautiful!


It is very important to understand that the values mentioned in this article are not the only ones.  You can come up with a lot more based on the category of your product.  Staying unique is the main key here.  If you copy the brand of others, you will not survive for a long time.

You need to be observant and carve out ways to allow clients to use the product as instruments.  To tap into their extra earned value in one way or another.  Accomplish this and you have mastered the art of creating a brand.  Hence, your business will be destined for success.