standard Content Marketing: How To Write Great Articles


A popular source of internet advertising has become content marketing with great articles.  Indeed, billions of desired internet searches connect individuals with desired knowledge, services and products through article information.

Articles are an easy way to allow the user to look at the product.  Then, they can make up their mind if it is what they want.  Many great articles also allow the reader to connect with the author at the bottom of the content.  Meaning, it links back to products or services.

Internet directories are another platform for all website owners to market their services in the form of articles.  This will likely attract potential traffic and prospective clients.

Writing great content that give results is a process for sure.  Article writing initially covers newspapers, magazines, and other print media.  This is where the write-ups are generally long and need extensive readers for their audience.

Such writers are generally paid for writing content in length that are in line with the trending topics.  However, in the internet realm, a content writer is providing great articles if his content is precise.  Moreover, it also does not demand extensive reading.

Tips for great articles

The best way to gain a reader’s attention and make him stay on the website is to provide him the best content in the form of great articles.  Otherwise, the internet has limitless choices for the users to gain information.  Hence, the articles must be engaging enough so that the users believe their time to have been utilized properly.

In the internet realm, articles with 600-800 words are considered a good length.  This word count allows the content to be directly engaged with the topic without any prolonging texts.  In particular, internet users are not fond of extensively long content.

They don’t usually care for a detailed introduction that lacks useful content.  Most internet users want articles with desired information they can quickly read.

All content on the internet that can persuade a user to indulge in a sale are considered good articles.  A write-up with facts is more credible than one having a personal opinion approach of convincing the reader.

Quality information also tend to have relatable quotes from personalities and celebrities that are experts on the matter.  Such content appreciates the credibility of the author’s pen power and shapes the article into the content of persuasion.

Furthermore, any quote that is authentic, related and traces back to its source is potential content, and internet users like such powerful material.

Target the right audience

Remember, targeting the right audience for your content is of equal importance.  Not every topic or article will resonate with the readers because they are merely looking for something else.

This fact forces different businesses worldwide to usually only target potential audiences.  Because no matter how many great articles you upload to your website for user attention, people will still divert from your website because your services may not be what they are looking for.

You may be aiming for an audience in the age bracket of 40 years and above.  Then, using lexicons and jargons will not make your content sound great.  At any rate, be aware that every member of the audience will be your judge.  So, you have to adopt a tone that is acceptable for the entire audience, and this is one of the main requirements of great articles.

Content marketing has one vital tool for its success, and that is asking questions relevant to the topic.  You may want your content to be composed of quality articles.  Then, you need to see if the audience will be interested in reading it or not.

If the information provided in the article is useful, you are on the right track.  Yet, there is another thing to ask yourself.  Is the content strong enough to catch and maintain the attention of the readers?  Or will they be getting bored during reading your content and leave the page.

Great articles attract readers

These are critical questions that you should always ask yourself.  Thereafter, go through your content as a reader while keeping these questions in your mind.  Once you get the answers to these questions, your content will most probably consist of article write-ups that attract readers.

Granted, genuinely good content articles are the ones that do not tend to be selling a product in direct words.  They are basically informing people how the product has a good reputation in the most neutral way possible.  All while not mentioning anything about convincing people to purchase the product or service.

Another thing that you should keep in your mind is that desirable content acts as powerful content marketing through the serious test of time.  Building readership is a consistent struggle, and you need to be very patient with the process.

Information in the form of texts might seem obsolete, but it is evident that the most critical stages of purchase are usually with this medium.  Therefore, don’t lose faith in it.  It is only a matter of time that your efforts may begin to pay off.

You will have to stay updated on the topics every single day.  You want to avoid losing readers that can be prospective long term buyers of your products just because of your consistent great articles.